The First of the Great Eleven

Lord Altux Bladesinger

From one of the ruling houses of the Underdark. His sudden disappearance was noticed immediately and when inquiries into the matter led to no one in the usual suspect pool, agents were sent to discover who is behind the abduction. After the loss of several prominent agents a discovery is made a demon cult in the underdark is taking powerful families as captives for use in the Blood War. At this time the great houses of the Drow are mobilising for war. The Demon Lords will regret daring to challenge the Drow in their domain. Although they hold no love for each other, this was an attack by an outsider upon the Drow. If left unanswered it could cause other races to think that the Underdark is not theirs to command. The Demons will soon learn how very wrong they are, the armies of the Dark Elves will smash from the beach head they already have established …….From The Demon Web Pits. The Abyss will never know what hit it, by the time they rally an effective defense several layers will be secured and Lloth will send her legions to their aid. None shall ever question the supreme authority of the Drow after this.

This is the first of the Eleven captives taken in the demons name by Asmodeus as part of his plan. To what end is yet to be discovered, but with the Lord of Hell involved it is never a good sign.

next prisoner on 8/8/13 or 8/9/13



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