Monkey see, Monkey Poo?

The top of the stairs beckons and like all hearty groups seeking fame and fortune they press on and the room at the top is as strange as any they have faced yet, steeply sloped floor leading to a deep pit filled with blades and spikes. However the group is varied and skilled in many things or blessed by divine beings and not so prone to falling in a pit the door is a strange combination lock but Adriane makes short work out of it. Beyond the door the room is under constant change , magical turmoil keeps the room from staying as it should be. Once again Adriane makes the discovery of the Charrl a being of pure hate trapped in ice and air, she hits the room with a fireball but it’s retaliation drops Naelurec where he stands and injures 2 others. It then begins to exude pure cold, it is so cold it is cracking the stone around it and a sheet of ice threatens to engulf them all. It is not allowed to occur as they kill it and avoid it’s death throes blast. Next area is a hallway it is filled with noise and a faint magic that has somehow gone wrong. The source of the noise is made evident quickly as 12 goblins charge from the gloom they are put to sleep easily, then another 12 appear and the group begins to think that there is a being behind this and it is confirmed as they find a summoning ooze at the end of the hall. After it is struck it decides to up the ante and summons a fiendish dire gorilla to kill them all but moments later it is simply obliterated by a disintegration arrow loosed from Cael. The gorilla is unsure what to do and is then used by the party after Kethaveltril Aleanlylth uses his mirror of suggestion on it. Naelurec the beasts only casualty wishes the mirror had come out a little earlier as he could have avoided being struck in the face and chest with a massive handful of flaming feces. With their new found friend the adventure to the Well continues and the room they reach is filled with pits and chests, the chests are all rocking on the edge of the pits but a quick spell reveals each has an imp waiting to push it in. 3 are saved and they have much needed supplies in the form of rings , a greatsword and some scrolls all of which are magic that has been lost to the ages, more ancient magic being revived, brought back to life and into the modern era. The casters are all eager to learn this new magic , the decision is made to rest and prepare for what is to come and to identify the spoils. Afterwards a check of the pits is made, the first pit they lower Kethaveltril Aleanlylth as he is descending he gets into a conversation with an imp named Zephyr who convinces him to take a bag of holding it has “acquired” what it has not revealed is that it gotten it from Tiamat the queen of dragons nor do they know that it’s contents are a clutch of a newly created race of dragon. She will hunt for this until it is found with all forces at her disposal. With the threat of the bag discovered by Yndara Xaphan it is decided to use one of the powerful rings they have found to be rid of the bag for good so that it cannot ever be traced back to their friend. After that Thalon (Rah) Baeqlylth takes over the pit searches and he finds a magic mirror which shows him the location of the great blade “Bone Reaver”. With this new knowledge the push to find the well has added meaning and beyond the next door they realize how serious things are getting as a gang of Skull Crusher ogres wearing the livery and colors of the Brotherhood stand ready to stop the quest in it’s tracks the final battle of the night is a hard fought contest but ultimately our stalwart heroes drop all 4. Another night of questing concludes the wounds are tended the spoils divided that just leaves us with our questions what was the imp Zephyr trying to accomplish and is there a connection to the Brotherhood. If there is things could be getting very bad in a hurry and the sooner they find the well the better.



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