Just don't call him #2 to his face

Ralstag Halstac

A Jarl of The Frost Giants in the mountain filled northlands, Ralstag was out with a raiding party when they came under attack by what appeared to be a demon host. A lone survivor returned with word that their beloved Jarl had been taken. The Frost giants have convened at their long house and the decision has been made to gather their greatest heroes to lead the armies of the Jarl to the gates of the Abyss and demand his return if the demons wish war they will have it. The Giants know the demons will have them outnumbered but much of the demon host will not be capable of harming the mighty Frost Giants, and with the aid of their siege engines the giants are confident the demons will eventually comply. The Giants are bringing a mighty host with at least 4 groups of 5000 with a hero at the head of each and 30 pieces of giant siege equipment. The Giants of the North are prepared for war the demons have no idea what is about to happen on multiple fronts and with different styles the demons will be hard pressed to hold the line.

the Third will be on 8/11 or 8/12



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