Just don't call him #2 to his face

Ralstag Halstac

A Jarl of The Frost Giants in the mountain filled northlands, Ralstag was out with a raiding party when they came under attack by what appeared to be a demon host. A lone survivor returned with word that their beloved Jarl had been taken. The Frost giants have convened at their long house and the decision has been made to gather their greatest heroes to lead the armies of the Jarl to the gates of the Abyss and demand his return if the demons wish war they will have it. The Giants know the demons will have them outnumbered but much of the demon host will not be capable of harming the mighty Frost Giants, and with the aid of their siege engines the giants are confident the demons will eventually comply. The Giants are bringing a mighty host with at least 4 groups of 5000 with a hero at the head of each and 30 pieces of giant siege equipment. The Giants of the North are prepared for war the demons have no idea what is about to happen on multiple fronts and with different styles the demons will be hard pressed to hold the line.

the Third will be on 8/11 or 8/12

The First of the Great Eleven

Lord Altux Bladesinger

From one of the ruling houses of the Underdark. His sudden disappearance was noticed immediately and when inquiries into the matter led to no one in the usual suspect pool, agents were sent to discover who is behind the abduction. After the loss of several prominent agents a discovery is made a demon cult in the underdark is taking powerful families as captives for use in the Blood War. At this time the great houses of the Drow are mobilising for war. The Demon Lords will regret daring to challenge the Drow in their domain. Although they hold no love for each other, this was an attack by an outsider upon the Drow. If left unanswered it could cause other races to think that the Underdark is not theirs to command. The Demons will soon learn how very wrong they are, the armies of the Dark Elves will smash from the beach head they already have established …….From The Demon Web Pits. The Abyss will never know what hit it, by the time they rally an effective defense several layers will be secured and Lloth will send her legions to their aid. None shall ever question the supreme authority of the Drow after this.

This is the first of the Eleven captives taken in the demons name by Asmodeus as part of his plan. To what end is yet to be discovered, but with the Lord of Hell involved it is never a good sign.

next prisoner on 8/8/13 or 8/9/13

We're going to need more swords.....LOTS more swords
The Mines of Madness are living up to their name just when they start to get the hang of the area it changes drastically. Teleport traps, areas that look identical, mirrored ceilings and floors, rotating and moving sections on all surfaces and that doesn’t even count the traps hidden in all these areas that Keth is beginning to dread some magical some mundane, some lethal others just brutally setting you up to need healing or crippling you to slow you down for the creatures that roam the halls: The Dementia Spectres , flesh stretched over an iron skeleton with vicious stygian iron hooks, attacks coming in at all angles and at high speed each laced with deadly necrotic energy. Not to be forgotten the group is ambushed by Servants of the Flame right when a trap had just struck so the group is disoriented. The battle starts off with the Servants quickly gaining the upperhand but after a long hard fought battle our heroes look to have things under control. Then a new creature emerges hitting the Servants from the rear , it quickly tears through them and then hammers the party hard enough for them to be not only on the defensive but eager to avoid direct confrontation with this thing that it would seem just wants to pass by. Something about the new creature is familiar , it has a very familiar style and artistry to it. Then it hits them it is the same style of forging as Alphonse “Clank” Stark. This is a new devil war engine forged from the same magics as one of their missing friends. tbc
Faces on the Milk Carton
Just as things are starting to make sense they change. Change is always an unpredictable mistress and never more so when Asmodeus is involved. In the time it takes me to tell you this The Prince of Lies Collects on his bargain and whisks away Adriane & Alphonse “Clank” Stark. The group is now down 2 members as it heads into an area known as the Mines of Madness. The Mines are designed to trick all the senses. It will make everything more difficult. Even the simplest task will now become a challenge but even that pales to what is waiting in the halls to come. The first indications of trouble come from the undead that inhabit this place, they have been modified with a set of Umber Hulk eyes allowing them to daze and confuse their enemies with a glance. Even with the defeat of the small group of undead and a group of spell casters the fights are tough. How much tougher will they be as they get closer to the well and it’s guardian. What is Asmodeus’ angle in taken the 2 deal makers now, is there a motive behind this or does he really just need the favor. Also what is going on with this new area of the well it is completely different from the other areas. Is this the beginning of the Guardians territory are the Terrors here? What of The Brotherhood? or Spectrum? Will there be a new group? The questions are piling up now but the answers are just a few floors away. Do they dare find out
A Turn of the screw
Although this night has had it’s share of tough fights it is the events in between those fights that are to be the most relevant to our group. Our heroes make 2 decisions this night that will have far reaching consequences. In 2 very separate but equally important instances they encounter a lone individual, one a bound man chained and gagged, tortured surrounded by an anti magic shell. The other a cowering woman armor destroyed dying of wounds and malnutrition in both cases the party rendered aid to the person. In the case of the man once his gag was removed they discover his name is on a list of prisoners they have obtained they know he was a mage of some note in his younger days but now he runs a shop in Tidefast. He Tells them of the 3 questions they want answered. Once again “the Hollow” is brought up , The interest in the Half-mice city is raising questions in the party. The other individual, the one who registered as evil on the spell of detection, There is a long pause before the party decides what to do with her. The consensus of “give her aid” results in her thanking the party and then she hands over what her now defunct unit was carrying, a scroll case which holds gathered intelligence. Multiple scrolls with massive amounts of information about the dungeon like the traps, treasures found and prisoners within, it will take time to go through it all but it will help with what is coming. The biggest problem of the evening was the return of Asmodeus and his dire warning “Leave alone the dark gem” with the promise of utter destruction if they interfere with his plans. Can they trust anything he says. What is his end game? With the well only a few floors above them are they ready for the final test of “The Guardian” Who is on which side of the coming conflict and will they unite to crush the adventurers and then deal with each other? The only thing for certain is that soon they will come Face to Face with the guardian of the well and each of them will be tested, the only unknown will any of them survive it?
Blue no no no I said Yew doors believe me right?....Right?
The further in they go the more complex the rooms are each filled with sending circles, summoning circles , and binding circles. The journey continues and several encounters are avoided before an ambush almost fells the whole group. With just Alphonse “Clank” Stark,Kethaveltril Aleanlylth and Thalon (Rah) Baeqlylth are left standing, Keth attempts to dominate the unknown assailants but fails. The failure costs them dearly. They awaken in a strange interrogation room with everyone incapacitated, the interrogator appears to be quite dead and quite controlled by another. Rah manages to free himself and then the rest of the party, they overcome the controlled corpse and escape. A few things jump out at them though, Why were they’re weapons and armor not taken away? Why interrogate them all in the same room? Why take all these prisoners? Yes all the prisoners, the hall is lined with doors and each lead to a prison cell and every one of them is full! Right now they need answers, where are they? How long have they been out? Who is behind this, someone new or a part of a group they have met already? At least they are out, with their freedom they can find the answers. On the way from the prison area they find an old friend Synnove one of the mice of Foxpond Hollow. They also free a member of the Brotherhood of Pure Silver who gives them an amulet to show others of his order as a sign of friendship. He leaves using a stone key a powerful magic item left on him by his captors. As they proceed the run into a powerful group of enemies in red, the leader parley’s with keth who attempts to tell him of some members of the Spectrum’s treachery. As he attempts to share the memory with Red’s leader he is interrupted by Asmodeus. During the talk Keth accidentally lets it slip that the path to the well is marked with the color blue and the red group leaves after a secondary bluff works. Asmodeus is less than helpful and Keth gets annoyed and tweaks the lord of hells nose causing him to send a minion to hurt the party and that is just what the crazed Xerfilstyx does. Dropping Naelurec , before it can hurt anyone else Yndara Xaphan uses dismissal causing it to return to it’s own plane for 24 hours. The party is glad they do not have to face the beast as it’s powers are frightening to even the most stalwart of the group. The beasts ability to remove all of your memories , skills and levels with no difficulty. The final encounters involve the personal guard of Dusk Cinder the Black leader of the Brotherhood of the angry sun. First involves Keth and Cael overhear them talking about a great beast who’s touch is death as well as an argument between the guardsmen. Then they find a group of dead guards, as they are looting the bodies they are attacked by the formidable Dusk guard. It is a hard fought battle but in the end they win. As this session comes to a close our heroes have learned new info been reunited with an old friend and made some new ones they have also moved one floor closer to the well. Do they have what it takes to see this through? How long will their luck hold out before they lose someone? How intent is Asmodeus on punishing them for their impertinence, or is he satisfied with what he did with the Xerfilstyx. Time will tell…but will they all survive to see the end?
Do you have Warforged in a can?

“Seek the blue path” is turning out to be a little more complex than they would like but at least it is a path. The rooms are oddly shaped to say the least and every room now is contested by either an order of the Spectrum or a circle of some kind not to mention these new things the Paper Dolls. The fights are more violent than ever with potent creatures dealing out massive damage, the difference between life and death is sometimes the blink of an eye. At any moment any of them could be sent to the afterlife.Yndara Xaphan is doing everything she can to keep them whole but the strain is incredible, a terrible burden in your average dungeon delve but here in this dungeon it is magnified to extreme levels. Kethaveltril Aleanlylth is also finding his job increasingly more difficult, checking for traps has become more hazardous than it normally is.

The Spectrum has taken off the kid gloves, the party has responded and have come out on top each time but the night is not just a series of fights. The most important things this night were information, discoveries of a magnitude that leave the party stunned. First they discover a room with sending crystals that are linked to the realm of raw Chaos the creatures that are stored there are tough to say the least but 1 stands above all the others. Known only as the “titan” it seems from what they learn it requires a squad of guards to release the thing and that he is coming for them. Next they meet Alvarax the Defiler a Chaos Blight caster of incredible power . Before the battle can be decided one way or another Alvarax is recalled to help deal with the “titan”. The single biggest info of the night is the bombshell thatthe “master” The Spectrum is working for is Asmodeus. At some point in the future they will turn on the Brotherhood, for what purpose the party can only guess. What is Asmodeus up to? How long has the Spectrum actually been working for him? What is this titan and more importantly how can it be stopped if they meet it? Or is that when…….. perhaps the answer is coming sooner than they think…………


If there's no fiddle contest how can we win?
The dungeon of the well at last. Finally inside the dungeon that leads to the Well of Frozen Souls, they begin the search for the well in earnest now. It could be anywhere and the first level is filled with strange rooms filled with arcane wonders and a welcoming committee known as The Spectrum. There is very little our heroes know of the cabal of the spectrum mages. They are first introduced to Rafmos Master of the Blue light. He is there briefly but he shows a fraction of his power, not knowing what to make of this new threat they proceed to check out the level. A metal they have never seen the likes of before is in every door they see. Kethaveltril Aleanlylth reads the door and discovers it is mined from another plane of existence by enslaved dwarven miners , beyond the door is a massive room with a central summoning circle. Keth reads the history of the circle and learns of it’s horrible secret, all of the miners were sacrificed to the circle but the purpose behind it is unclear. There are 5 slots in the floor and 5 books around the room, Adriane starts to examine one of the books and it asks her a question. Not used to books asking her things she decides to not mess with the book, the book however will not take no for an answer and it will not be ignored. It becomes animated, this disturbs the entire party , Alphonse “Clank” Stark decides books probably should not do this and he puts a massive iron arrow through it. With the book defeated they continue, the room itself is very odd shaped like a piece of a puzzle. As they look around the room they notice the other 4 books have lost all their pages and worse still an undead dwarf whose skin has been replaced by the pages of one of the books attacks using his pick to nearly cleave Alphonse “Clank” Stark in two. The party attacks and is even more shocked as it nearly kills Cael with a horrific blast of arcane disruption magic from it’s eyes. They manage to defeat the creature which the entire time appeared to be being controlled against it’s will. Onward they press , the next area is even more alarming it is a crystal hallway from which they can see into the next room it is filled with smaller summoning circles. While the majority of the party is dealing with the crystal room Adriane and Alphonse “Clank” Stark stay behind to deal with the book in the former room. The Shadow of a strange figure runs through both rooms and is witnessed by both groups A human body crowned with 6 horns atop it’s head with 5 arms and 5 legs the arms end in just palms no fingers and the legs end in stumps with worms instead of feet. Also in the room is a man clad all in green he is Sytanon Master of the Green Light. He smiles and disappears leaving behind a creation magic that gathers all the moss off the walls to form moss golems the battle is fierce and yet another member is dropped in the combat. With another hard fought victory the party searches and finds a deadly staff of Woodrot, as they push on the next area they are confronted by Reinadra Master of the orange light. Upon her departure she summons 6 small metal and magma men that are quickly dispatched, moments later they reform into a single larger entity. Between Rah and Cael they drop this new threat quickly. Again it reforms into a larger Magma creature that eliminates Cael and Thalon (Rah) Baeqlylth the 2 who destroyed it’s last form, sensing that extreme measures are needed Yndara Xaphan uses one of her domain potions allowing her to utilize the spell of destruction not only killing it but destroying all traces of it. Not surprisingly it does not reform. The biggest events of the night however are the appearance of 2 hulking cyclopes kin from the mysterious Order of the Death Watchers named Rack and Ruin the other the re-appearance of Asmodeus. He is full of information like reminding the party that there are 2 members of the Spectrum that just like light are invisible. He is being so helpful because he wants to make a deal but no matter how hard he tries the group will not jump at the bait. Maybe next time he will make the deal with a golden fiddle involved ……….maybe not. Spectrum has entered the fray and they have come hard right from the start can the party deal with what is to come? Now that we know bonereaver must be destroyed will they be able to carry out the deed without succumbing to its almost irresistible pull? Finally what is Asmodeus game what part does he play in all this, is it mere coincidence that Graylish sent 2 members of a group dedicated to stopping the arch devil every chance they get or does he have a far bigger role in all of this than the party can see. Like always only time will tell…..we can only hope it is not running out for our brave band.
I've got this :The Next Generation

The floor they have wondered about is just up the stairs in front of them. What in the six kingdoms could have felled a group as formidable as Graylish and his companions. The top of the stairs reveals a nightmarish warzone, gore is everywhere the walls are scarred with both magic and mundane weapons of battle, the very air reeks like a slaughterhouse. Throughout the halls a mad screaming can be heard unbeknownst to our heroes The Fallen are close by. Few in number but still mighty combatants they attack the party heedless of danger or pain. The melee specialists take a tremendous beating and after a long costly battle the last of this new creature from the Brotherhood is slain. The choice is made to push on no rest no spell replenishment just heal and go, find somewhere to hole up and defend before a long protracted rest. Like every level before it this new level has madly twisting corridors and many dead ends. Finally a room opens before them as forseen by Naelurec. Inside the room guarding the hidden alcove from is vision are 2 beings that look but don’t act like The Fallen. As later they will learn these are the Purified Flames converted prisoners subjected to brutal torture to break them and then armor is fused to their bodies. {really wished this did not go the way it did I mean really F… you guys ;) jk } They quickly succumb to the magical firepower the group can bring to bear and after a harrowing Trap removal process they come away with a glass box mystically warded and sealed containing the Ring of Nystul. The camp for the night and in the morning as they prepare to leave there is an ambush by 3 members of the White Hand Assassins Guild. They fail their mission and are unable to kill a single member of the group. Through Kethaveltril Aleanlylth new found abilities they learn of a secret passageway constructed by the Brotherhood to bypass the final 2 levels of the Tower and get into the first level of the Dungeon of the Well. While searching for this path they come across a great battle and the thief attempts to sneak past the combatants and see what is beyond. He finds a treasure and in a moment of roguish weakness he gives in to his inner greed he goes for the treasure and is slain by a flamestrike like Graylish before him. The cost of his folly 1 of the precious True Resurrection scrolls must be used. Onward they go through the twisting maze until a long room filled with 10 creatures that used to be humans but now serve the Terror of Famine. They are the Withered they use horrible spells that age and wither their foes. Although hit by an age spell our party is able to fell them without too much difficulty. The final act of the night worthy of note is the finding of the phylactery of the new demi-lich Graylish it’s destruction and his release from undeath by the second True Resurrection scroll, eliminating the new terror from the equation altogether. How will Nistos take this last event? Will he hunt down the Cleric or the entire Group? What will happen now that they are in the Dungeon itself? What aside from the ghosts they saw dwells here? What is Asmodeus involvement in all of this? Who are these Rays of the True Sun? What will they do when they find the box is missing? Progress has been made and for once although the enemy is strong they have weakened their opposition significantly with the removal of a Terror. Tonight they have achieved something ……heroic.

Oh you wanted the words too ...My Bad
After a nights rest they push on the well will not wait and they are not alone in the quest to find it. However the brotherhood has decided to bring some heavier troops into play, known only as the Crucibles. In the next room the are met by 2 Dancing Blaze and 2 Servants of the Flame there is a single humanoid in the corner standing immobile the only thing they know is every 6 seconds the room temp jumps 30-50 degrees hotter than it was. The battle is hard fought most members are nearly killed, the magus is not as lucky he is struck by 2 spells one changes him to cold type and the second is a massive flamestrike. With the Magus dead, Yndara Xaphan attempts what she can for him while the others discuss what to do with his belongings. As this is occurring Asmodeus appears to the cleric and informs her that the Magus was promised to him as payment by “another” he also states that the Magus and his possessions are His save the grimoire he shall leave that for the party no “strings attached” .As he departs Adriane talks to him and a bargain is struck with business concluded he leaves and true to his word the book is left behind. Adriane looks through the book and finds it quite empty, no spells at all a lifetime of arcane study blotted out in an instant. They rest and heal and continue on replacing one worry The Mark of Nistos which has somehow been removed for a new one a deal with the Lord of the 9th level of hell. The hallways of this place are maze-like and easy to get lost in. With talks with devils and Deities much information is being learned, Fharlanghn is beseeched by Yndara Xaphan and he answers her prayers telling the party of Asmodeus’ involvement and most importantly to them what has become of the magus now known as Gralish the Terror of the Arcane. The last thing they need is what has happened the terrors have gained in power. Through the next hallways they proceed and they happen upon 2 Pus Priests of Zlanesta and from the other hall 20 Cynders they stop both groups but the walls of fire and wind will only keep them at bay for so long while waiting the Cynders perform the ritual of the Choking Ash and transform into an entity the party has seen feast upon the corpses of the fallen to increase it’s own power. The Cleric turns the Ash sending it away for a short time an astonishing feat. With one threat dealt with it is now time to see what the Terror of Plague’s troops can do. Naelurec is the first to learn just what they can do, he is struck with a hideous spell that will transform him into a slime ,Kethaveltril Aleanlylth is struck with a spell that will rip his own arm off and have it attack the party buthe is just able to resist it.Alphonse “Clank” Stark also resits a spell that would kill him utterly, the party does manage to defeat them but it is clear their magic is formidable. As the night drags on they travel corridors knowing that now there are not just Terrors and The Brotherhood to contend with but also Devils and Demons. A new hallway is entered and the sounds of battle are heard from within it 15 servants of the fire are battling something that has already felled 10 of their number giving them a pre-fight strength of 25. A clever use of one of the party’s magic items allows them to move through the wall and avoid the battle altogether. The last one through is Cael and his keen eyes spot a familiar figure decimating the Brotherhood troops it is the newly minted Terror ,their former companion Gralish the Ultimate Magus. The last fight of the night against a creature of the Terror of Seduction, the creature known as Forbidden pleasure turns the party against itself and against the Iron Blaze of the Brotherhood it is fighting. Another hard fought victory and the room it was in contains the spoils of such victory but it is protected by multiple death traps that nearly kill Kethaveltril Aleanlylth utterly but luck and some magical assistance allow him to live another day. Those traps were protecting a hoard of magic items that are doled out to those for whom they do the most good. Rest won’t come easy anymore death has shown too keen an interest in our heroes for their taste and enemies are coming form all sides and in a myriad of forms. Will this new Terror make things impossible for them? What does Asmodeus want from Adriane? Yet another has mentioned the Guardian of the well, how formidable is this thing that the Terrors can not even get near it? Finally can they overcome all of these obstacles and then after all that overcome this Guardian ? Only time will tell these answers perhaps the next floor will give a clue as to what happened to at least one of the groups they know sought the well, will it be the answer they expect?

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