Blue no no no I said Yew doors believe me right?....Right?
The further in they go the more complex the rooms are each filled with sending circles, summoning circles , and binding circles. The journey continues and several encounters are avoided before an ambush almost fells the whole group. With just Alphonse “Clank” Stark,Kethaveltril Aleanlylth and Thalon (Rah) Baeqlylth are left standing, Keth attempts to dominate the unknown assailants but fails. The failure costs them dearly. They awaken in a strange interrogation room with everyone incapacitated, the interrogator appears to be quite dead and quite controlled by another. Rah manages to free himself and then the rest of the party, they overcome the controlled corpse and escape. A few things jump out at them though, Why were they’re weapons and armor not taken away? Why interrogate them all in the same room? Why take all these prisoners? Yes all the prisoners, the hall is lined with doors and each lead to a prison cell and every one of them is full! Right now they need answers, where are they? How long have they been out? Who is behind this, someone new or a part of a group they have met already? At least they are out, with their freedom they can find the answers. On the way from the prison area they find an old friend Synnove one of the mice of Foxpond Hollow. They also free a member of the Brotherhood of Pure Silver who gives them an amulet to show others of his order as a sign of friendship. He leaves using a stone key a powerful magic item left on him by his captors. As they proceed the run into a powerful group of enemies in red, the leader parley’s with keth who attempts to tell him of some members of the Spectrum’s treachery. As he attempts to share the memory with Red’s leader he is interrupted by Asmodeus. During the talk Keth accidentally lets it slip that the path to the well is marked with the color blue and the red group leaves after a secondary bluff works. Asmodeus is less than helpful and Keth gets annoyed and tweaks the lord of hells nose causing him to send a minion to hurt the party and that is just what the crazed Xerfilstyx does. Dropping Naelurec , before it can hurt anyone else Yndara Xaphan uses dismissal causing it to return to it’s own plane for 24 hours. The party is glad they do not have to face the beast as it’s powers are frightening to even the most stalwart of the group. The beasts ability to remove all of your memories , skills and levels with no difficulty. The final encounters involve the personal guard of Dusk Cinder the Black leader of the Brotherhood of the angry sun. First involves Keth and Cael overhear them talking about a great beast who’s touch is death as well as an argument between the guardsmen. Then they find a group of dead guards, as they are looting the bodies they are attacked by the formidable Dusk guard. It is a hard fought battle but in the end they win. As this session comes to a close our heroes have learned new info been reunited with an old friend and made some new ones they have also moved one floor closer to the well. Do they have what it takes to see this through? How long will their luck hold out before they lose someone? How intent is Asmodeus on punishing them for their impertinence, or is he satisfied with what he did with the Xerfilstyx. Time will tell…but will they all survive to see the end?
Do you have Warforged in a can?

“Seek the blue path” is turning out to be a little more complex than they would like but at least it is a path. The rooms are oddly shaped to say the least and every room now is contested by either an order of the Spectrum or a circle of some kind not to mention these new things the Paper Dolls. The fights are more violent than ever with potent creatures dealing out massive damage, the difference between life and death is sometimes the blink of an eye. At any moment any of them could be sent to the afterlife.Yndara Xaphan is doing everything she can to keep them whole but the strain is incredible, a terrible burden in your average dungeon delve but here in this dungeon it is magnified to extreme levels. Kethaveltril Aleanlylth is also finding his job increasingly more difficult, checking for traps has become more hazardous than it normally is.

The Spectrum has taken off the kid gloves, the party has responded and have come out on top each time but the night is not just a series of fights. The most important things this night were information, discoveries of a magnitude that leave the party stunned. First they discover a room with sending crystals that are linked to the realm of raw Chaos the creatures that are stored there are tough to say the least but 1 stands above all the others. Known only as the “titan” it seems from what they learn it requires a squad of guards to release the thing and that he is coming for them. Next they meet Alvarax the Defiler a Chaos Blight caster of incredible power . Before the battle can be decided one way or another Alvarax is recalled to help deal with the “titan”. The single biggest info of the night is the bombshell thatthe “master” The Spectrum is working for is Asmodeus. At some point in the future they will turn on the Brotherhood, for what purpose the party can only guess. What is Asmodeus up to? How long has the Spectrum actually been working for him? What is this titan and more importantly how can it be stopped if they meet it? Or is that when…….. perhaps the answer is coming sooner than they think…………


If there's no fiddle contest how can we win?
The dungeon of the well at last. Finally inside the dungeon that leads to the Well of Frozen Souls, they begin the search for the well in earnest now. It could be anywhere and the first level is filled with strange rooms filled with arcane wonders and a welcoming committee known as The Spectrum. There is very little our heroes know of the cabal of the spectrum mages. They are first introduced to Rafmos Master of the Blue light. He is there briefly but he shows a fraction of his power, not knowing what to make of this new threat they proceed to check out the level. A metal they have never seen the likes of before is in every door they see. Kethaveltril Aleanlylth reads the door and discovers it is mined from another plane of existence by enslaved dwarven miners , beyond the door is a massive room with a central summoning circle. Keth reads the history of the circle and learns of it’s horrible secret, all of the miners were sacrificed to the circle but the purpose behind it is unclear. There are 5 slots in the floor and 5 books around the room, Adriane starts to examine one of the books and it asks her a question. Not used to books asking her things she decides to not mess with the book, the book however will not take no for an answer and it will not be ignored. It becomes animated, this disturbs the entire party , Alphonse “Clank” Stark decides books probably should not do this and he puts a massive iron arrow through it. With the book defeated they continue, the room itself is very odd shaped like a piece of a puzzle. As they look around the room they notice the other 4 books have lost all their pages and worse still an undead dwarf whose skin has been replaced by the pages of one of the books attacks using his pick to nearly cleave Alphonse “Clank” Stark in two. The party attacks and is even more shocked as it nearly kills Cael with a horrific blast of arcane disruption magic from it’s eyes. They manage to defeat the creature which the entire time appeared to be being controlled against it’s will. Onward they press , the next area is even more alarming it is a crystal hallway from which they can see into the next room it is filled with smaller summoning circles. While the majority of the party is dealing with the crystal room Adriane and Alphonse “Clank” Stark stay behind to deal with the book in the former room. The Shadow of a strange figure runs through both rooms and is witnessed by both groups A human body crowned with 6 horns atop it’s head with 5 arms and 5 legs the arms end in just palms no fingers and the legs end in stumps with worms instead of feet. Also in the room is a man clad all in green he is Sytanon Master of the Green Light. He smiles and disappears leaving behind a creation magic that gathers all the moss off the walls to form moss golems the battle is fierce and yet another member is dropped in the combat. With another hard fought victory the party searches and finds a deadly staff of Woodrot, as they push on the next area they are confronted by Reinadra Master of the orange light. Upon her departure she summons 6 small metal and magma men that are quickly dispatched, moments later they reform into a single larger entity. Between Rah and Cael they drop this new threat quickly. Again it reforms into a larger Magma creature that eliminates Cael and Thalon (Rah) Baeqlylth the 2 who destroyed it’s last form, sensing that extreme measures are needed Yndara Xaphan uses one of her domain potions allowing her to utilize the spell of destruction not only killing it but destroying all traces of it. Not surprisingly it does not reform. The biggest events of the night however are the appearance of 2 hulking cyclopes kin from the mysterious Order of the Death Watchers named Rack and Ruin the other the re-appearance of Asmodeus. He is full of information like reminding the party that there are 2 members of the Spectrum that just like light are invisible. He is being so helpful because he wants to make a deal but no matter how hard he tries the group will not jump at the bait. Maybe next time he will make the deal with a golden fiddle involved ……….maybe not. Spectrum has entered the fray and they have come hard right from the start can the party deal with what is to come? Now that we know bonereaver must be destroyed will they be able to carry out the deed without succumbing to its almost irresistible pull? Finally what is Asmodeus game what part does he play in all this, is it mere coincidence that Graylish sent 2 members of a group dedicated to stopping the arch devil every chance they get or does he have a far bigger role in all of this than the party can see. Like always only time will tell…..we can only hope it is not running out for our brave band.
I've got this :The Next Generation

The floor they have wondered about is just up the stairs in front of them. What in the six kingdoms could have felled a group as formidable as Graylish and his companions. The top of the stairs reveals a nightmarish warzone, gore is everywhere the walls are scarred with both magic and mundane weapons of battle, the very air reeks like a slaughterhouse. Throughout the halls a mad screaming can be heard unbeknownst to our heroes The Fallen are close by. Few in number but still mighty combatants they attack the party heedless of danger or pain. The melee specialists take a tremendous beating and after a long costly battle the last of this new creature from the Brotherhood is slain. The choice is made to push on no rest no spell replenishment just heal and go, find somewhere to hole up and defend before a long protracted rest. Like every level before it this new level has madly twisting corridors and many dead ends. Finally a room opens before them as forseen by Naelurec. Inside the room guarding the hidden alcove from is vision are 2 beings that look but don’t act like The Fallen. As later they will learn these are the Purified Flames converted prisoners subjected to brutal torture to break them and then armor is fused to their bodies. {really wished this did not go the way it did I mean really F… you guys ;) jk } They quickly succumb to the magical firepower the group can bring to bear and after a harrowing Trap removal process they come away with a glass box mystically warded and sealed containing the Ring of Nystul. The camp for the night and in the morning as they prepare to leave there is an ambush by 3 members of the White Hand Assassins Guild. They fail their mission and are unable to kill a single member of the group. Through Kethaveltril Aleanlylth new found abilities they learn of a secret passageway constructed by the Brotherhood to bypass the final 2 levels of the Tower and get into the first level of the Dungeon of the Well. While searching for this path they come across a great battle and the thief attempts to sneak past the combatants and see what is beyond. He finds a treasure and in a moment of roguish weakness he gives in to his inner greed he goes for the treasure and is slain by a flamestrike like Graylish before him. The cost of his folly 1 of the precious True Resurrection scrolls must be used. Onward they go through the twisting maze until a long room filled with 10 creatures that used to be humans but now serve the Terror of Famine. They are the Withered they use horrible spells that age and wither their foes. Although hit by an age spell our party is able to fell them without too much difficulty. The final act of the night worthy of note is the finding of the phylactery of the new demi-lich Graylish it’s destruction and his release from undeath by the second True Resurrection scroll, eliminating the new terror from the equation altogether. How will Nistos take this last event? Will he hunt down the Cleric or the entire Group? What will happen now that they are in the Dungeon itself? What aside from the ghosts they saw dwells here? What is Asmodeus involvement in all of this? Who are these Rays of the True Sun? What will they do when they find the box is missing? Progress has been made and for once although the enemy is strong they have weakened their opposition significantly with the removal of a Terror. Tonight they have achieved something ……heroic.

Oh you wanted the words too ...My Bad
After a nights rest they push on the well will not wait and they are not alone in the quest to find it. However the brotherhood has decided to bring some heavier troops into play, known only as the Crucibles. In the next room the are met by 2 Dancing Blaze and 2 Servants of the Flame there is a single humanoid in the corner standing immobile the only thing they know is every 6 seconds the room temp jumps 30-50 degrees hotter than it was. The battle is hard fought most members are nearly killed, the magus is not as lucky he is struck by 2 spells one changes him to cold type and the second is a massive flamestrike. With the Magus dead, Yndara Xaphan attempts what she can for him while the others discuss what to do with his belongings. As this is occurring Asmodeus appears to the cleric and informs her that the Magus was promised to him as payment by “another” he also states that the Magus and his possessions are His save the grimoire he shall leave that for the party no “strings attached” .As he departs Adriane talks to him and a bargain is struck with business concluded he leaves and true to his word the book is left behind. Adriane looks through the book and finds it quite empty, no spells at all a lifetime of arcane study blotted out in an instant. They rest and heal and continue on replacing one worry The Mark of Nistos which has somehow been removed for a new one a deal with the Lord of the 9th level of hell. The hallways of this place are maze-like and easy to get lost in. With talks with devils and Deities much information is being learned, Fharlanghn is beseeched by Yndara Xaphan and he answers her prayers telling the party of Asmodeus’ involvement and most importantly to them what has become of the magus now known as Gralish the Terror of the Arcane. The last thing they need is what has happened the terrors have gained in power. Through the next hallways they proceed and they happen upon 2 Pus Priests of Zlanesta and from the other hall 20 Cynders they stop both groups but the walls of fire and wind will only keep them at bay for so long while waiting the Cynders perform the ritual of the Choking Ash and transform into an entity the party has seen feast upon the corpses of the fallen to increase it’s own power. The Cleric turns the Ash sending it away for a short time an astonishing feat. With one threat dealt with it is now time to see what the Terror of Plague’s troops can do. Naelurec is the first to learn just what they can do, he is struck with a hideous spell that will transform him into a slime ,Kethaveltril Aleanlylth is struck with a spell that will rip his own arm off and have it attack the party buthe is just able to resist it.Alphonse “Clank” Stark also resits a spell that would kill him utterly, the party does manage to defeat them but it is clear their magic is formidable. As the night drags on they travel corridors knowing that now there are not just Terrors and The Brotherhood to contend with but also Devils and Demons. A new hallway is entered and the sounds of battle are heard from within it 15 servants of the fire are battling something that has already felled 10 of their number giving them a pre-fight strength of 25. A clever use of one of the party’s magic items allows them to move through the wall and avoid the battle altogether. The last one through is Cael and his keen eyes spot a familiar figure decimating the Brotherhood troops it is the newly minted Terror ,their former companion Gralish the Ultimate Magus. The last fight of the night against a creature of the Terror of Seduction, the creature known as Forbidden pleasure turns the party against itself and against the Iron Blaze of the Brotherhood it is fighting. Another hard fought victory and the room it was in contains the spoils of such victory but it is protected by multiple death traps that nearly kill Kethaveltril Aleanlylth utterly but luck and some magical assistance allow him to live another day. Those traps were protecting a hoard of magic items that are doled out to those for whom they do the most good. Rest won’t come easy anymore death has shown too keen an interest in our heroes for their taste and enemies are coming form all sides and in a myriad of forms. Will this new Terror make things impossible for them? What does Asmodeus want from Adriane? Yet another has mentioned the Guardian of the well, how formidable is this thing that the Terrors can not even get near it? Finally can they overcome all of these obstacles and then after all that overcome this Guardian ? Only time will tell these answers perhaps the next floor will give a clue as to what happened to at least one of the groups they know sought the well, will it be the answer they expect?
It takes more than one little arrow to kill Rainboramir
It starts in the hallway

The floor is covered with a thick layer of soot, the party is nervous and Kethaveltril Aleanlylth summons a ectoplasmic hound to scout ahead. As the poor beast enters the hallway completely it is seized in the coils of a snake constructed of ash and soot the battle starts off poorly with Thalon (Rah) Baeqlylth getting grabbed in it’s coils but between the casters and the other melee and ranged members they free him and slay the beast. It leaves behind some strange black gemstones with runes on them as they are deciding what to do with them they are ambushed by 10 members of the Dancing Blaze acrobats and thieves in service to the brotherhood they use speed to strike hard and fast so combat doesn’t last long. As soon as the battle tempo slows down they use a massive attack called cyclone of fire it require precision from all members but they pull it off, the blast nearly kills Thalon (Rah) Baeqlylth and Naelurec but the necklace saves them although the latter’s foot is reduced to ash. At this point their companion unleashes a potent spell that dissolves all 10 of the enemy. With the battle over they notice the gems remain Naelurec tries to identify the items Kethaveltril Aleanlylth found marked by the fake mouse prince in everyones packs and is visited by Vervenhive the Terror of the Mind. It seems this Terror does not like interlopers and breaks his finger off in Naelurec eye, a blackness spreads all through his face neck and eye veins as a result it also causes him to see Horrific things out of the corner of the afflicted eye. When Adriane tries she is also visited and the Terror truly proves he can get beneath her skin by forcing her mouth open and vomiting a great gout of black pus and bile down her throat and then forcing her to swallow. After all of this unpleasentness the party decides it is best to rest and regroup, during the rest Yndara Xaphan uses consecrate on both Naelurec and Adriane the result is a grusome display of Vervenhives evil as twisted parodies of the two claw from their bodies the sorcerer has his claw from his eye socket while the witch is not so lucky it must claw its way out from a more tender region. The Parodies vanish after they are expelled and the party is once again on its way, using his clairvoyance Naelurec looks on ahead and sees many enemies ahead but the path is up the stairs and they choose not to challenge the large group guarding whatever it is in the room beyond. The trip up the stairs is uneventful until they reach the top there stands 2 smouldering cynders ,Thalon (Rah) Baeqlylth engages them with Kethaveltril Aleanlylth and Cael while they are fighting Alphonse “Clank” Stark sees 4 Servants of the Flame coming from the bottom of the stairs. Fighting for their lives both at the top of the stairs and below the battle rages , one of the servants is sent to get reinforcements and they miss their chance to stop him. With no other options Kethaveltril Aleanlylth again uses this strange new ability where he sends forth a dog formed of pure will to pursue the proverbial “one that got away”. The party is able to defeat their foes but at great cost injured and exhausted they push upstairs to try and find a safe haven to rest and replenish magic. Cael is guarding the bottom of the stairs while the door is checked when a creature they have heard called Choking Ash appears it is consuming not only the bodies of the fallen but rending the souls as well and for each one it consumes it adds to itself. A quick windwall spell keeps it at bay but instead of mindlessly bashing against the unseen wall it quickly goes back down the stairs as though searching for a new way up. The first room they come upon appears to be where they store gear taken from the many who have tried to delve the depths of the Tower on the way to the Well. Within the bags they find some helpful magic items, after a long rest they warily continue the long journey up the tower again it falls to Naelurec to use his clairvoyance to see the path ahead but this time the enemy is aware of his abilities and use false vision. Thinking the path is clear they head toward the room down the hall only to once again be ambushed this time by 5 Encephalon Guard of Vervenhive. It is another tough battle but again our heroes emerge triumphant, however Kethaveltril Aleanlylth discovers that the wedges they were hit with and the one the Magus was hit with were cursed and the Magus is out of time his death is at hand. Not wanting his journey to be interrupted Yndara Xaphan the Cleric of the god of Travel prays for guidance and finally uses a large chunk of her life experience to free them of the curse of early death that shall befall them. The Magus is overjoyed at this sacrifice on his behalf and teaches potent magic to the 2 arcane casters. With the curse now a bitter memory and with much more to do the need to press on forces them to continue deeper into this new level. In the next room there stands a 12 foot tall Molten Core Coal golem, with the casters weakening it the battle is joined much damage is dealt on both sides but the Magus shows why he is known as the Ultimate Magus when he casts Black blade of disaster and disintegrates the golem completely. As this session ends we are left to wonder What will become of the 2 parodies, why bother to make them at all why not kill the 2 and be done with it. What is happening to Keth how could he create the form of a wolf made of ectoplasm that surrounded him and what is that dog? Are there any other brotherhood groups to meet and are they working for the Five Terrors or are the two groups unrelated. Finally if the 2 groups are working together can they hope to stop them and the demon that is also in search of the well. We can only hope our heroes can continue to work together as a group it may be the only way to stop what is coming…………just maybe ;)

So wait he is NOT a Prince...
The moment the door is opened leading into the next hall it becomes apparent that every step along this path shall be contested. Kethaveltril Aleanlylth and Alphonse “Clank” Stark enter the next hall , Keth accidentally triggers an acid trap although the damage is not great it reveals the source of the acid as the ceiling. Alphonse “Clank” Stark slams his hist against it and they hear an audible crack. Fearing perhaps that a large reservoir of acid is concealed above they retreat back. As the group decides it’s next move Naelurec uses his magic to look into the next room. To everyone’s horror hey falls back after being attacked through his own magic, nearly blinded he calls out a description of the creature but he need not have worried about that for it has tracked the source of the spell. It can be heard rampaging through the hall coming towards them, quickly an ambush is prepared for this thing. Thalon (Rah) Baeqlylth is the only one to score a blow against it and although it is a massive hit the creature is not slowed by it. With an unnatural speed and fury this great iron serpent with a humanoid torso, 8 clawed arms and a spine covered tail attacks lashing out in every direction at once. The great iron beasts power appears to be massive it’s attacks magical and deadly but before it is able to bring a solid hit on anyone Cael places an obliteration arrow square in it’s center mass reducing it to a pile of ash. Beyond the hall is a room filled with tiles, each one representing a different element after some trial and error they solve the riddle of the room and they move on. Beyond that the maze like hallway, just at the stairs going up is a shimmering wall. Magic reveals there are 10 of the Iron archers waiting to fire on any who try for the stairs. Thalon (Rah) Baeqlylth uses a magic shield and Yndara Xaphan uses magic to help protect him as he takes the incoming fire. He and the cleric are only lightly hit and they make it to the top of the stairs. The fifth floor will be more challenging as they have no map of it as they did the fourth. They explore until they come upon a room filled with a new group Known as the Bloodsworn Brotherhood they militant arm of the Brotherhood of the Angry Sun. They slay one of their own and as he bleeds out a massive blood golem is formed. The Brotherhood is far too confident of the Golems abilities for they all leave thinking it will crush the group without trouble. Adriane casts her chromatic orb and decimates the golem. Although more occurred the night was more about finding info and not of battle. The important info earned were as follows, There are multiple ways to remove the mark from Alphonse “Clank” Stark most are too awful to be used without terrible consequence. Adriane has a dreaded for of lycanthrope, by the light of the gibbous moon she becomes a were-pigeon! Most importantly they know a secret about the bloodsworn, they must have there skeleton removed of they will reform as a thing known as a Cynder: an undead infused with fire and energy drain abilities. Finally the mouse that Adriane has had with her all this time is not a mouse at all but an eye of Vervenhive one of the Terrors. Can they press on and reach the well or will they fall on the way as so many others have before them. Only time will tell………but time is not the friend they think it is or have they forgotten the demon that flew ahead of them in search of this very same thing……maybe he is lost but that is doubtful..more than likely he is on his way to the well as they speak and knowing a demon is opposing their moves can only make this bad situation that much worse. As our heroes rest perhaps they can use the insight this Oracle of the Flame gave them to their advantage………….just maybe.
In case of emergency Climb the Rope
The twists and turns of this labyrinth like level are more easily managed with the map they have found, and divine guidance. But it does not help with The Terrors, more active than ever. Questioning what’s real and what’s not is becoming more of a problem but at the moment there is a creature always just ahead of them no matter the pace it always appears to be just beyond them. When finally they confront the thing which has been leaving ever more deadly traps in its wake it is an arrow demon. During the parley with the demon it wants to know why the 5 are violating the rules and warns them of the peril in that. Finally however they convince it that they are not in any of the terrors employ and move on. The next roadblock is an barricade hastily constructed in the hallway manned by powerful looking warrior’s, but it is an illusion that Adriane and Kethaveltril Aleanlylth see through it is actually some kobolds that have been driven from their mines by recent events and are simply trying to get back home. They run off but do not get far as they are slaughtered, not by our stalwart band but instead driven to the deed by what the party believes is the terror of seduction. Beyond the last of the dead kobolds is a fork in the hall down one of the paths is a strange glow. Anything going near it is changed in random ways, for a few moments the party plays with the idea of touching the raw chaos. In the end it is decided not to touch it, Onward they go through the twisting maze of halls until they find a strange creature in a hallway lined with withered but living beings. Each is nailed to the wall, on each nail is written infernal glyphs Yndara Xaphan begins to decipher them while Thalon (Rah) Baeqlylth guards her back. The strange creature seems to adapt to every attack made against it and it begins throwing terrible spells of raw evil arcane power. Once the code is revealed the party slays the creatures on the walls to take down this creature.With each being on the wall they slay this unknown creature becomes more and more injured until at last all that is left is a vast foaming pile of yellow pus a pouch and a magic mace. During thier rest they discover that Naelurec has been hit with a deadly demonic spell that will not allow him to rest and it is quickly killing him. After the proper sacrifice of life knowledge is made the spell is overcome. Beyond is more twisting corridors at the end of which are 2 grey archers. As the battle is joined it is learned that 1 of the grey archers is hidden from view by invisibility raising their numbers to 3, the more important discovery however is that they are made of Iron all of them body ,bow and arrows all iron. The arrows strike with such force they pass clean through any but Alphonse “Clank” Stark who they hit so hard they could knock down. The battle is hard fought and all suffer grievous wounds. Again triumphant they move on into the room beyond, they find what used to be some of the Iron Archers and they also find an unconscious man. He has been wounded grievously after some help from Yndara Xaphan he tells them of his party and how they had been destroyed 2 levels above this one. Although he is unknown Kethaveltril Aleanlylth ,much to everyone else’s suprise seems to be convinced he is telling the truth and he is asked to join the group. A few moments later the sound of drums fills all but a few with fear, into the room comes another metal monstrosity this one a huge beast 6ft at the shoulder a strange cross of creatures capable of fire magic and deadly disintegration beams it very nearly kills Thalon (Rah) Baeqlylth and in a moment that will live in infamy Naelurec disappears using rope trick, did he panic when the big fighter went down ? Did he just want to try his new spell? Did he forget he could heal Rah? we may never know the only thing for sure is that the last battle of the night put them on notice. The preliminary fights are over from here on in they are going to be meeting the heavyweights of the 5 Terrors. Lest we forget where are the brotherhood? What is going on with Adriane and this mouse? Finally is something happening with Kethaveltril Aleanlylth he has been strangely quicker to learn things since that jug all that time ago in the cave and now he is ever so subtly changing? What could this all mean what does any of it have to do with the Brotherhood and how do the 5 Terrors fit into all of this. The answers are coming but can they survive finding them out…only time will tell
I choose to Disbelieve.....or I'll Take a # 5

Through the door in the hall that is where they must go but they are paused by a faint scratching sound and an acrid smell it is decided that Naelurec will use his magic’s to once again peer into the area beyond the door. He sees a creature chained to the wall but the chains appear to go into the wall they are not attached to it leading to Thalon (Rah) Baeqlylth to speculate that the creature could have great reach. A course of action is planned the door will be opened and Cael will loose an arrow at the beast. As the plan is set in motion, it seems the enemy has similar plans for them, arrows strike Kethaveltril Aleanlylth the minute he opens the door and the beast uses its howl attack sending flesh-tearing sound through the walls everyone is hit but none so hard as Adriane who loses her fingers in the attack. Thalon (Rah) Baeqlylth and Alphonse “Clank” Stark charge the archers to remove the ranged threat and Cael engages the sonic beast in a ranged duel. The battle lasts only a few moments but the outcome is never really in doubt. The archers prove no match for a follower of Kos and almost 600lbs of war-forged barbarian. The beast claims one final victim the beloved battle-axe of Alphonse “Clank” Stark is destroyed by its last action of this world as Cael scores a hit with a disintegration arrow leaving behind its strange collar. The spoils are the collar an assortment of arrows and amongst the debris on the floor a new page from the journal of a previous group with a new clue. The room itself has what appears to be a map on the floor made of movable tiles and after a few hours the puzzle is solved a map of the final level is what is hoped but as the last piece snaps into place it sinks into the floor and a well rises up, from the well emerges a towering figure powerfully built and full of evil intent. Each hero takes their turn trying to harm this champion of the Ascended Lich Vervenhive one of the Five Terrors. It is all in their minds however and they now realize that one of the terrors is active here. When things return to normal they see that there is, a map on the floor but it is a map to the next floor of the tower, Yndara Xaphan copies it in her journal and they move on. As they approach the next door, upon the slightest contact the door just vanishes revealing a hallway in the hall Kethaveltril Aleanlylth is confronted by illusions that test his sanity it begins to impact all his abilities even the checking of traps so that at the door to the next room he is unsure if it is or is not trapped even after a check. The room beyond is filled with blades and the party recalls a strange code hastily scrawled on the back of the new scroll, they enter the code and move through the blade area only to see that moments after they get through it starts back up. This odd room has a strangely shaped staircase and two secret 1 way doors. Naelurecis once again called upon to peer into them magically the first is a sheer drop hundreds of feet down. The second houses 11 steel predators, massive creatures larger and much heavier than the biggest of them. In a move right off a T-shirt Alphonse “Clank” Stark chooses to disbelieve the “illusion” of the steel predators and goes in, unfortunately they are not illusions and though he manages to calm one of the beasts the other 10 have moved into attack positions 1 pounce later and his spine is severed and just as he appears to be ready to meet his doom he is granted a stay of execution by Nistos another of the Terrors. After rest and healing the party heads up to the next level where they see a familiar blue mist and hear that horrific music coming from a spectral organ. They decide not to attack the source of the music this time and continue, down the hallway Kethaveltril Aleanlylth triggers a trap he missed and is saved as the arrows warp just like the ones Cael shot at Vervenhives champion! Then they are set upon by a host of undead from behind, the fighters charge them leaving none in their wake but as the fighters are dispatching the foe to the rear more emaciated undead emerge from the labyrinth like halls before them. Yndara Xaphan turns them destroying the lot and for her efforts, Taximil yet another of the Five Terrors batter her. This is the last action of the evening but lets reflect on what has occurred. Multiple Terrors have made an appearance, are they getting closer to the well? Will this deter them from pressing on? Why would one of the Terrors spare Alphonse “Clank” Stark? For what purpose, or is it just a sadistic game to be enjoyed by a timeless being filled with hate and rage? Why spare Kethaveltril Aleanlylth the way Vervenhive saved his champion? What purpose could that have served? Like always, they leave with some questions answered only to be replaced by new ones. Finally, the biggest question who is this Lord Nathaniel smallest of the Giant Mice heir to the Throne of Borgos? Why does he so resemble an ordinary field mouse? Why is Adriane championing his cause? Is she really going to make a full outfit for him? Only time will tell what is real and what is just the illusions created by five beings driven by mad rage to stop any from reaching the well that lies somewhere in this towers reality tearing design.

Shanks for the memories

At last a physical indicator that they are on the correct path to the “ Well of Frozen Souls”. No longer just some bits of magic guiding them this was real proof, the well was getting closer and unlike these poor bastards whose bodies have been left to be picked clean by the denizens of this place. Amongst the meager possessions left is a journal entry written by someone calling themselves the Steward of Stonewood Keep according to the entry this person called Myrdon Willsain was beginning to mistrust his guide whom he referred to as Hadriel. Not only that but they are now finding explorer marks on the floor or walls marking which way they went, each doorway is crudely trapped. Onward they press but as they prepare to move on they come across 3 desiccators, 3 armored skeletons and their leader a Deathlock sorcerer. As the battle is joined Cael obliterates the Deathlock but not before it casts a couple of spells one of which is a contingency spell which hit’s the party. The other spell it had cast is far more troublesome as it keeps the party from using any metal against its minions; the casters keep the party in it and the non-casters use impromptu weapons. In the end the finally tally is all undead put back to earth but not before both Thalon (Rah) Baeqlylth and Kethaveltril Aleanlylth are run through and Alphonse “Clank” Stark is hit with a desiccation blast that being mostly metal the high salt content does massive damage and only through hard work do they keep it from killing him. But to the victor go the spoils some swords and a suit of banded mail but no cash. The next room has another member of the party whose trail they are following pinned to the floor by a 2 handed sword beneath the body is a pouch and in it a great gem as Kethaveltril Aleanlylth examines it and the gem changes, seemingly drawing a red aura from him and changing the gem to a pale blue. The party is not sure what if anything has happened to their comrade they have guesses but that is all. Alphonse tries to check out the gem and it changes again lowering in value but not changing him in any way they can see. They travel from room to room encountering more undead horrors nothing they can’t handle. A room with a table 4 chairs and 1 body leads to another revelation as beneath the body a name is scrawled but it is almost totally unreadable. The last area of the night is a hallway with 3 plague blights lightning fast bloated bodies filled with disease fortunately none of the party succumbs to their gangrenous touch. Post fight they make camp and prepare for whatever fresh horrors await beyond the door at the end of the hall, but what was that voice some of them have heard and more importantly what happened to Kethaveltril Aleanlylth if anything.


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