Inside the hidden Keep

After spending the night in the hidden room beneath the larder, licking their wounds and dividing the spoils. Emerging from the camp they enter the mess area, during the search Marche knocks over the food prep set up which calls a group of Half-ettins led by a vermin mage. The Half-ettins again take the measure of the party before being defeated, the party is forced to retire back to the hidden room to rest for every member is grievously injured and depleted of magic, the next day they venture in the opposite direction backtracking to a door they chose not to explore. The room beyond leads to a gruesome discovery, the room is filled with the equipment used in the process to re-animate the corpses of the townsfolk and finally they are to learn who is behind this madness. the last bottle is identified by Yndara Xaphan as being a type of divine phylactery for a piece of the mad god worshiped by the strange cult known as the Brotherhood of the Angry Sun. Naelurec tries to identify the bottle not knowing it’s origins and is hurled across the room into the far wall, Marche handles the bottle and consecrates it shattering the centuries old protections that are keeping it sealed, without the blessed silver bands holding it closed the top is opened and the smallest fragment of the Mad sun god is released. After a thorough search of the cases a secret switch is discovered revealing a small chest but triggering an alarm spell summoning a guard squad to the room 5 goblins led by a shaman and two well armed and armored humanoids. The caster proves to be a problem as he is well defended and able to utilize scroll after scroll to hurl deadly spells into the small room our heroes are in. Finally able to regroup they dispatch the guards quickly and find the secret chest the guards were checking on. During another night spent in the hidden room they rest but on this night they hear a horrid disjointed music that with each passing hour gets worse until finally Naelurec can take it no more and goes to open the secret door to stop the music he is stopped by the rogue who must also stop the massive fighter from doing the same. The night passes finally and they head up the hall from the four way intersection to a set of massive double doors, beyond which is a temple at the altar is a cleric and he is preaching to 18 goblins ,Marche opens the door setting off a massive trap which sends him all the way down the hall unconscious,Adriane runs to wake him the rest of the group engages the worshipers all the while the source of the music sits in the corner of the room a spectral pipe organ. The goblins and cleric are quickly dropped but not before reinforcements are brought into play in the form of 3 more Half-ettins once more they give the party all they can handle but after a hard fight the party emerges triumphant and well rewarded with 2 chests hidden in the altar. Before they can retreat to heal Marche decides to deal with the pipe organ once and for all shattering the device. Upon it’s destruction a blue mist is released which begins re-animating all the corpses in the room, filled with the righteous wrath of Heironeous Marche faces off against the ever-changing body of the re-animated Cleric but it ends with no violence as the arm that had sprouted from it’s face falls to the ground and retreats. the party takes it’s leave of the room to heal before they push through the next door.

Fey Ring ahead

With the group now looking at the Fey ring in the distance they begin the journey to the ring. The path splits into 3 trails 2 head off into seeming oblivion while the last one heads straight for the ring. After a brief discussion they take the right most path which appears to head off a cliff, instead it leads to a door magically concealed, beyond the door each of them sees a beautiful member of the opposite sex all but Adriane fall to the charms of the foul creature. They next came upon a guard room which led to a brief fight with one of the guards. Afterwards they continued through the dungeon finding a half-ettin named Kevin who they spoke to at length.The next area was a prison area with 10 holding cells which had nothing in them but human and demi-human remains, beyond was a single door through which they could hear sounds of agony. The room beyond was a torture chamber but it was also used for some sick ritual that they interrupted an acolyte and 3 helpers were placing a worm in the brain of a human that they had already melted armor to. But even with magical assistance they were no match for our party of adventurers. Further in they came upon a room used as an office for a minion of someone they all are referring to as “The Overlord” he appears to be called away and uses passwall to leave the room and lets his guards and their goblin retainers handle the group. After a bloody battle they search the desk and find many different holy symbols which are unconsecrated, during the battle half the goblins ran the group now followed the path and came upon them as they were returning with reinforcements in the form of a Bugbear in blade gauntlets , another brutal fight that our heroes will not soon forget left them in dire need of rest, and rest they do in a secret area they find under the larder along with a small stash of magic items and money.

What about that cave?

Halfway up the trail, our party finds the cave allegedly holding the black walnut box. In the very back of the cave was a door leading to a small dungeon. They encountered several automatons, a slew of traps and an area set up for processing corpses. Deep in the recesses of the cave, they found a dock used for transporting corpse meal barrels. Attempting a second pass at blessing the water of the area, Yndara successfully consecrates the river, causing it to spit out a goblin body disfigured with profane markings. Yndara and Marche determine the body was a ritual to foul the water in the name of Malglubiyet, and Marche takes it upon himself to remove the markings and consecrate the body. This angers Malglubiyet further, as the Paladin had previously fouled a statue dedicated to the goblin goddess. Malglubiyet takes her revenge in the form of a rash that quickly forms across Marche’s chest.

Backtracking to the fork in the hallway, our heroes descend the second set of stairs only to run into a giant stone trap. Thankfully, they escape no worse for the wear. The hallway finally leads them to four identical boxes. Using the Guidance spell, Yndara determines which box they need and Marche is sent to retrieve it. Placing his hands on the box, small spikes pierce his flesh and his blood spirals toward the sky and disappears. Paying the display no mind, our adventurers choose to exit the dungeon quickly. Upon leaving, they are attacked by minor constructs created by the pieces of villagers. The creatures are grotesque, especially those made of infants. After defeating the perversions, the party is able to rest and continue their climb to the top.

At the top they discover a completely different area; it is warm and sunny with burgeoning wildlife. As we leave the party of Desmarinn, it is clear that they have found the Fey Ring they have been searching for.

The Dawn of a new era
Desmarinn is Reborn
After the campaign that first brought Desmarinn to light, a new cast of characters begins their own adventure in the area. The band consists of the travelling witch named Adriane, the paladin Marche, who seeks both spirituality and coin, a rogue named Kethaveltril and a warrior named Thalon (both of whom are on the run from the White Hand Assassins Guild), a rough-around-the-edges cleric of Fharlanghn named Yndara (daughter of one of the original party members of the Desmarinn campaign), and the shy sorcerer and alchemist named Naelurec. Starting in the tavern of the poorest towns in the area, they learn of a supposed Fey Ring that is crippling the working populace that dare to wander into its domain. After meeting with the ruling family, our heroes set out to locate and deal with the Ring. While purchasing supplies for their adventure, Yndara is given a second task in exchange for a map of the area; one of the shopkeeps tells her of a black and gold box near the Ring, and demands that she retrieve it. Fighting the treacherous terrain of the mountains, the party finds a small cave. Inside, they encounter goblins, but make quick work of them. Kethaveltril returns to the cave and finds a strange jug covered in mesmerizing runes of pain. Unable to fight his urge, the rogue uncorks the bottle, freeing the essence of the forgotten demi-god Issek of the Jug. He is rewarded handsomely for doing so, gaining a permanent bonus to his XP gain. Back on the trail to the Ring, Adriane, Naelurec and Yndara notice that the very earth under their feet is corrupted by foul energies. As she inspects the water, Yndara attempts to bless it, but she is knocked on her feet by the water itself. Here, it seems, Mother Nature is not so motherly at all. Resting provides little comfort, either, as the night is fraught with restless spirits in pain. On watch, Naelurec spots a swarm of bats gliding over the camp. The sorcerer wakes his companions and a battle ensues. The bats have been given malicious grafts; razored claws fused with their very flesh. But appearances are decieving, and the bats are defeated by mere light. Slaying as many as they can, the party proceeds to rest and they awake refreshed and healthy. Halfway up the mountain path to the Ring, the adventurers encounter another cave. Yndara remembers the side quest for the black box, and believes this cave will lead them to the quest’s completion. We leave off with our heroes readying themselves for their descent into the cave.
Into the Sewers

After watching the guard at the rear gate get taken out by a mysterious man who becomes a swarm of bats our heroes watch the swarm fly into the sewers. Pestilence Xaphan follows and runs into cultists many of whom are disfigured by demonic power including an Ettin, he is just barely able to escape. After a meeting with the rest of the group they decide it is time to go into the Green Inferno. After half a days harrowing journey through the thick unforgiving underbrush of the Inferno they come upon the remnants of of an enamel stone path disused for years it leads into the ground.

The Stuff of Legends or Really Good Bar Stories
The Story So Far
After passing through another portal, the group has ended up quite far from the 10 Towns region. Few of them know anything about the kingdom of Desmarinn. They begin by reconnoitering the area and discover the names of several nearby towns. The Leader of Desmarinn is King Thorselund who rules out of the city of Kouzal. The city of Metal Grief is rumored to be a marshaling area for Tiamat’s local forces. Also discovered a heavily armed and armored female who is pretending to be dead and is married to the Captain of the guard in Kouzal,she is currently hiding in the concealed town of Elishi.

Our stalwart band next learn that there is a thriving black market beneath the Tavern named The Rotting Corpse. They also discover that everything they need to create the potion to reverse the effects of lycanthropy is in the middle of the Green Inferno. It is decided to go to Metal Grief to investigate further. The town is very militaristic, requiring papers on one’s person at all times, and spell-casting is forbidden within city limits. Inside, there are several temples. The larger of these are to Nerull, the Voice of Vecna, and Kord. There is a tiny temple to Corellan in bad need of repair, whilst the largest temple is dedicated to Tiamat. The other temples are in honor of Jubilex, Moradin, and a mysterious faction called The Brotherhood of the Angry Sun.


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