Into the Sewers

After watching the guard at the rear gate get taken out by a mysterious man who becomes a swarm of bats our heroes watch the swarm fly into the sewers. Pestilence Xaphan follows and runs into cultists many of whom are disfigured by demonic power including an Ettin, he is just barely able to escape. After a meeting with the rest of the group they decide it is time to go into the Green Inferno. After half a days harrowing journey through the thick unforgiving underbrush of the Inferno they come upon the remnants of of an enamel stone path disused for years it leads into the ground.

The Stuff of Legends or Really Good Bar Stories
The Story So Far
After passing through another portal, the group has ended up quite far from the 10 Towns region. Few of them know anything about the kingdom of Desmarinn. They begin by reconnoitering the area and discover the names of several nearby towns. The Leader of Desmarinn is King Thorselund who rules out of the city of Kouzal. The city of Metal Grief is rumored to be a marshaling area for Tiamat’s local forces. Also discovered a heavily armed and armored female who is pretending to be dead and is married to the Captain of the guard in Kouzal,she is currently hiding in the concealed town of Elishi.

Our stalwart band next learn that there is a thriving black market beneath the Tavern named The Rotting Corpse. They also discover that everything they need to create the potion to reverse the effects of lycanthropy is in the middle of the Green Inferno. It is decided to go to Metal Grief to investigate further. The town is very militaristic, requiring papers on one’s person at all times, and spell-casting is forbidden within city limits. Inside, there are several temples. The larger of these are to Nerull, the Voice of Vecna, and Kord. There is a tiny temple to Corellan in bad need of repair, whilst the largest temple is dedicated to Tiamat. The other temples are in honor of Jubilex, Moradin, and a mysterious faction called The Brotherhood of the Angry Sun.


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