I Didn't Order a Prostate Exam!

After killing the disenchanting abomination, Kethaveltril Aleanlylth begins the long task of disarming the traps that the creature missed. During this time, Grimr wonders if he should recharge the glove that bestowed him with the gift of the feytouched. His hope is to further enhance his beauty, but he decides to shelve that particular project. The group approaches a new hallway with a sharp corner, so Keth decides that it would be to everyone’s advantage if he camouflaged himself and scouted ahead. After a few moments he does not return, and the others round the corner to see what has transpired. The hallway goes sixty feet down and ends in two doors; one to the east and one to the west. Keth is nowhere in sight, and whatever he was witness to remains a mystery to the others, but Thalon (Rah) Baeqlylth and Yndara Xaphan catch a glimpse of yet another horror peeking its twisted head out of the eastern doorway. It is an undead abomination; it has eyestalks fused to what were once eyesockets, great hulking bones that are fused together, its anatomy makes little sense in the eyes of all but mad deities. It is clearly the creation of a mad spellcaster, or worse; a god with a cruel sense of humour. It looks around for a moment and does not appear to see anyone. Then, suddenly, a white sand begins to trickle from the creature’s jaw. As it pools on the floor, a thick black bile begins to drip directly on top of the powder. It bubbles for a moment as the creature pulls its head back into the room and closes the door, then the mixture slips in between the cracks in the stonework floor. When the group approaches the hallway, Yndara decides that a Glyph of Warding might protect them from whatever that creature is. As she and Thalon advance to place the Glyph, the strange mixture the creature exhuded proves to be a trap. A disembodied voice threatens the Cleric and erupts from the floor. It is a hulking behemoth of bone, reconfigured in disturbing ways. Thinking quickly, Yndara hits it with a powerful Searing Light, and our heroes engage in combat. Keth is still well hidden, which becomes a problem when Adriane accidentally misses the monster with the spell Burning Hands, but accurately hits Keth. His hiding spot is quickly revealed when he catches on fire. Eventually, Naelurec strikes the fatal blow, and they decide that perhaps the east door is not their next move. Instead, they enter the western door and find themselves in a strange room. There is a pit in the center of the floor, and four gleaming white slabs of stone in the corners of the room. The slabs are movable, and marks on the floor reveal what might be a pattern. There are also three pillars with ancient writing.
Once Adriane casts Comprehend Languages, the party learns of an ancient hero named Fardal who once ventured to save his lover from the grip of the evil lord Kass. While on the quest, Fardal was betrayed by his three attendants. The attendants had each been bribed by Kass to complete one part of a ritual to slay the champion. They were successful, and entombed Fardal alive in a heavy sarcophagus. Fardal spent his final hours praying to his god, Kos, an ancient god of battle. Unfortunately, Fardal’s death also meant that his lover would never be freed, and Kass twisted her beyond redemption. She was driven insane, and became the Mistress of Pain that now appears to rule this dungeon.
On close inspection, the pillar also reveals that there is a secret configuration to align the slabs. The party moves the slabs and a black sarcophagus rises from the pit. In the sarcophagus, they discover Fardal’s last remains, a magic ring, a sliver of unusual stone, and a scroll case. In the scroll case, Adriane finds a letter that the champion wrote as he died; in it, he absolves his betrayers and weeps for his lost love. When Keth dons the ring, he sees the last moments of the champion’s life; unfortunately, Fardal did not asphyxiate to death. Instead, he died slowly of starvation, and the reason was because of the ring. The ring grants the power of breathless life: the wearer no longer has the need to breathe, and can survive underwater, in a cloud of choking gas, and even in a vacuum.
Moved by the story of Fardal, Thalon decides to dedicate his life to Kos. Instantly, he is transported to Kos’s domain, and his new deity tells him to forsake all weapons but his favored bardiche. He also tells Thalon that battle is not just for the sake of battle, and that there must be cause. It also becomes clear that he accepts only the strongest followers. Thalon now becomes a Champion of Kos.
As the party moves on, they find a stairwell. They ascend and find themselves in a room with the Mistress guarded by five attendants. The Mistress is running frantically around the room, attempting to remove a mask that has been nailed to her face. With each pull, she screams in agony and moans in ecstasy. Her only words before she fades into nothingness are “Why do I feel this way?” repeated over and over. Grimr attempts to talk the guards into letting the party have an audience with the Mistress, but they are turned down. Thankfully, the guards allow passage into the next hallway. Again, there is a set of doors to pass through; this time, one to the north and one to the south. Grimr and Keth walk ahead and go through the door to the south. On their way, they encounter a strange ghost-like creature that looks like an infant. When Grimr tries to touch it, its bones slump to the floor and it becomes a disgusting bag of flesh. After several minutes, the rest of the party follows suit and they find themselves in a room with several pillars. Unfortunately, Thalon realizes that the two that went ahead are being fed upon by a deranged creature. Thalon severs the hand of the creature, which had wormed its way into the veins on Keth’s leg and drained some of his constitution. After killing the creature, the party heals and examines the room. One of the pillars is capable of being rotated, and Thalon begins to pull it clockwise. Tapestries fall from the ceiling, illustrating even more of the story of Fardal: The champion and his lover had a baby girl who they gave to a fey queen for her own safety. Raised by the fey, their daughter became a bard that wrote songs and poems of sorrow.
When the party exits the room and prepares to enter the southern door, they see a strange warrior in bone armor. Thalon approaches him and says that if he desires combat that he should look no farther. He strikes the strange warrior, but to no effect. Now it is his opponent’s turn, and he knocks Thalon out cold. He approaches the group and drags Thalon with him. He announces himself as a “Guardian”, but does not specify what he guards. Instantly, he recognizes something inside Grimr, and tells Grimr that he was “not ready” for “the thing that now grows inside him.” He reveals that the throne Grimr sat upon was some kind of ritual, and that the orb that so rudely invaded his colon was the vessel for some kind of growing creature that Grimr has now been hosting inside his body. The vessel shattered too early, and therefore the creature must be removed. Unfortunately, that involves some rather delicate… handiwork. The Guardian promises to be as gentle as possible, and that he will be as quick as he can. However, Grimr doesn’t believe a word the Guardian says. Having less than ideal experience with intrusion upon his anal cavity, Grimr rallies the others to try and stop the Guardian. Yndara casts Hold Person, but it is easily repelled. The Guardian paralyzes Grimr, and Yndara holds Grimr’s hands to comfort him as the “extraction process” begins. After a few uncomfortable moments, the Guardian has found what he’s looking for and attempts to remove it. It steadfastly refuses, and gives him quite a bit of trouble. In a last-ditch effort to stop the Guardian, Naelurec casts Ray of Enfeeblement on him while he struggles to pull the creature from Grimr’s body. Adriane follows that up with a Ray of Enfeeblement of her own, ensuring that the Guardian will not remove anything from Grimr’s body this day. The Guardian resigns to leave, warning the two spellcasters that they will not like the seeds they have sown this day, and that they will regret what they have done. He also mentioned something about Five Terrors… but did the party listen to his words? What is growing in Grimr’s body? What will happen if he charges the glove again? Perhaps more answers will be revealed past the next door.

Did somebody just say "Flame ON"?

Secret doors and secret chests abound as the party explores further into the upper reaches of the mines. A stairway leads to an odd shaped room there is a body in the far corner and Grimr decides to check out the body …..before the room is checked for traps …..this does not end well at all. The room is rigged top to bottom with traps but unlike all the other traps this one is meant to do one thing KILL, why this area what lies beyond that the traps would change so drastically. After keeping him from dying they examine the body and find an access panel, it is decided that Grimr,Yndara Xaphan & Kethaveltril Aleanlylth will go through the opening they find a maintenance room for the trap and the undead former maintenance team but these zombies have more punch in the form of the unusal ability to paralyze with their touch. They defeat them with a good old fashioned turn undead by Yndara Xaphan they follow through the door and find another maintenance room with more undead this time they will not be turned Grimr attempts to use the glove he found and unleashes what seems to him to be a swarm of butterflies that attack the undead for him and then become armor his party members do not see this however and so the undead are dealt with using old fashioned brute force. They then return to the rest of the party however while they are gone Adriane, Naelurec & Thalon (Rah) Baeqlylth are waiting when a swarm of undead butterflies enters the room how curious, they form into a humanoid shape with a warhammer even more curious and he fights well it is a hard fight but finally they learn the secret to defeat it, fire and then things got really weird Grimr gets an idea to shout a command word the result is he is wrapped in a cocoon and when he emerges he is soooooo pretty and is changed to a fey touched creature. He is so pretty that the first guard they see decides that he would like to know him much more closely than the other party members want to watch , after a little sexy time for Grimr the group encounters a murder of Kenku who inform the party that Grimr just sexed a guy to death like an incubus after a brief fight the Kenku are defeated and the party now must try and figure out what are the properties of the glove it seems to hand out charisma but it recharges itself with life energy. Before that can happen, the group come upon a dying man whose last words are “There are worse things in here than her.” His body is very strange; he is freshly killed, and yet his armor is covered in dust and his sword is rusty. Then the party encounters the reason for his strange appearance: the remnants of a Rust Monster and Disenchanter, fused together to make a horrific and dangerous abomination. Thalon (Rah) Baeqlylth gets an idea, and instructs the party to flee back to the large, trapped room. Kethaveltril Aleanlylth understands his plan, and once inside the room begins to reset the terrible pressure plate traps in the hopes of catching the monster unaware. Thalon, meanwhile, activates his ethereal mount and attracts the creatures attention. Retreating back to the stairs and rejoining the group, Thalon realizes the abomination has disenchanted Naelurec‘s Ring of Dispel Magic and is preparing to leave. Thinking quickly, Yndara fires an arrow into the creature’s rear and angers it. With only five pressure plates reactivated, the party grows fearful with each plate the creature misses. One miss. Two misses. Three misses. Four misses. However, the plan works as the creature steps on the final plate and is killed instantly by the steel arrows that nearly killed Grimr. As they rejoice, they still wonder how much further away the Mistress is, and why is everyone now saying there is worse than the mistress of pain in this dungeon what is going on it would seem the closer they get to the answers they seek the farther away it looks. Maybe they will start getting some answers that make sense……..maybe

Not to be taken Orally

The Battle against the Ettins is joined and after a good beginning the beasts start really laying people out, just as things look bad they manage to take down all 3. The fight has left the melee specialists with grave injuries and rest is needed but there is no time as they heal the fighters as best they can and push on. It is not long before the next denizens of the dungeon come forward forcibly conjoined mages who unleash hellish blasts of arcane power and down the casters, they are handled but again the group pays dearly for the victory. The Next 2 encounters are far easier as one is simply the torso of a creature and a pair of guards, also discovered is a giant trapped in a pit surrounded by arcane infused liquids that are leaching into it causing massive mutations but the biggest find of the evening was the throne. Grimr sits on the throne and discovers that pain comes in all forms and shapes, sometimes it comes in the form of a sphere introduced into your anal cavity by force and then having it shatter inside you. What was the sphere? what was it’s purpose? what is it doing to Grimr? will he discover what is happening to him before the change is irreversible? and what does all this have to do with the famed Mistress they keep hearing about? Maybe they will shed some light on what is going on and finally close the mine for good or is this just the tip of the proverbial iceburg time will tell but is theirs running out.

Pain in all it's myriad forms

Still more traps await around every corner but they are determined to deal with the issues in this mine for the town. This level is filled with strange tests none have to be taken but they choose to try the price of failure is steep but they believe the rewards will be just as great. They are witness to horrors and abominations from beyond the Prime Material plane, things best left in the abyss they crawled out from one such test cost them dearly as the Bard is slain. Another test costs Grimr his soul as he fails a game against a demon who calls himself Flint. Not everything this day is to be failure and death however as Thalon (Rah) Baeqlylth defeats a different demon in his game ensuring that most of the party is not damned. And although the traps are becoming harder and harder for Kethaveltril Aleanlylth he manages most of them. Then there are the treasures they unearth trinkets long lost and left behind by scores of dead adventurers, minor wonders in a place like this? Who is the mistress of Pain and how is she linked to all of this? Also the mystery of the onyx bull statues gets stranger as they find a statue with a bulls head falcon wings and the body of a man who takes all the statues and in their place leaves an ethereal mount for Thalon (Rah) Baeqlylth. As they continue their search through all the strange and secret tunnels and rooms they a set upon by a much more physical guardian than all the traps in this place 3 ettins come charging into them as the melee begins we wonder how will this end.

For whom the Bell Tolls

Deciding to go back and face the massive golems made of stone in the last room. To their dismay the room is filled with a caustic liquid which is dissolving everything it touches, the chest they are after turns out to be part of a massive “wolf in sheeps clothing” which uses it’s tongue to grab the bard. He escapes any real harm and the party decides to leave that room be which is probably for the best. They then try to re-use the room moving gears but they have broken the main lever. the last room awaits it is filled with potions all of which are mislabeled there is also a massive book as they are reading the book and examining the room they are ambushed by 5 Ronin mercenaries, 3’6" tall Rabbits after a brief standoff the rabbits leave. After a search which results in the inadvertent destruction of the main elevator leaving them one choice take the last elevator on the floor to the inner sanctum of the mistress of pain. Up they go into the inner sanctum of pain, trap after trap meant only to maim never to outright kill every room loaded with intricate traps and then the last room they enter for the night the entire room is the trap. It is a great bell that unknowingly they have set to go off the minute they enter it they experience pain multiple times from the traps and with each hit they discover just how much the mistress enjoys pain they only hope that soon they can make sure she will experience some of her own instead of relishing in the pain of others, perhaps they are closer to her than they think……….perhaps

Horn of WHAT?

With the newly found cube our stalwart band is able to get a really good rest for the first time ,if only they had this in the Fairy Sleep Plains it would have made things easier. After the rest they hear a muffled noise coming from behind a door. They open the door to reveal a man being tortured by one of the men with hooked gloves and an interrogator they dispatch the interrogator but the torturer gets away through a secret door. The Man is a Bard from Tidefast who has learned too much. He joins the group and they continue on with their journey in the mine. They go back to the elevator and proceed to the next floor, a long extra wide hallway with multiple doors as they explore the doorways they discover that dimensional magics are in use allowing for travel between the pillars of the rooms the party uses theses pillars to travel around and they learn that the pillars also contain a guardian in the form of stone souls a horrible amalgamation of the saved pain of torture victims and fragments of earth elementals. Thalon (Rah) Baeqlylth learns the hard way that these creatures although not particularly robust can administer damage in quantity . They break the creatures arm and the rest crumbles away to dust. Most of the rooms on this floor contain pillars and the party is wary every time they see them, the bard has an Idea and ties a rope about himself and goes after the chests in the next room of pillars he grabs a sword and horn and gets pulled back but not before nearly being crushed beneath 2 pillars as they fall from the ceiling. His reward is a +1 Swordbow and The Horn of the Needful {not another word that a certain cleric thinks what on earth would the Horn of the Negro do anyway?} now why on earth in all of this have I left out the meeting with the old decrepit woman is she the Mistress they are referring to or was she all in their minds maybe a failed save or is she something far worse than what is being hinted at maybe there are answers beyond the next door ………maybe

It's not only the Dynamite that goes boom
As our heroes emerge from the room after resting they catch a quick glimpse of someone or thing going through a secret door they had not found. Beyond the door they find a room with 3 statues of men in armor in between them on a pedestal is a red veil, when they move toward the veil 2 of the statues spring to life, they are actually Magma core golems with massive damage reduction the golems withstand the hits they are given with ease and begin dishing out pain as they spray magma everywhere they can. The battle is won at great cost and most of the group needs rest before resting Grimr searches the last statue while the rest of the group is checking the veil and a mysterious bag. The statue is accidentally activated during the search and it springs to life with murderous intent, the group knows they cannot stand against another golem in such a weakened condition so they flee. They are a few halls from the larder when they are stopped by an unknown group, they learn it is another band from Pondfox Hollow led by a massive {by their standards} brown and white mouse known as Andril {the Tower} also with him is Rutter {the Stone Slayer} the sisters known as {Cold Harvest} (the white one is Eostre and the grey and silver one is Freya) also there are Govannon {The Hammer with no sound} Linnette {Formless Shadow} and May {The Burnt Ground}. The Mice handle the final golem with a “borrowed” magic item , with the final golem out of the way the party continues on they find 2 corpses and learn the Order of pure silver is an Anti Lycanthropy group who believe the mice are were-rats but they have learned they have been betrayed by one they thought was a member, they are barricaded in a room and terrified the party convinces them they are not a threat and the 2 groups exchange information. After a little more exploration the party comes upon a secret door that leads back behind the room where the Harpy was.. the room filled with corpses the party is attacked by 2 Kugan clan phantom ghast Ninjas sent by the White Hand assasins guild to kill Kethaveltril Aleanlylth and Thalon (Rah) Baeqlylth. The hired killers almost succeed but are finally killed and then a Graveyard Sludge attacks ,after another tough battle they emerge once again victorious the sludge leaves behind all the magic items from past victims it could not digest. Just before camping for the night they come to a massive room with a circle to the god of slaughter and eight pillars after arranging the pillars to retrieve the gifts of the Slaughtered they set off a large double door trap nearly killing Thalon (Rah) Baeqlylth & Grimr behind it is a strange portal that draws all magic towards it Grimr walks in and sees many different towns and 1 recognizable landmark an Inn known as the Yellow Harlot. What will they decide to do travel via the portal or stay and finish the job they were hired to do.
Because They Can't that's why

After a night in the Larder our bold party heads onward the area has many traps and on a few occasions Kethaveltril Aleanlylth disarms them the “hard way”. A discovery is made that vindicates Adriane they have been stalked by gargoyles but the attack is unable to get any of the party and are eventually driven off. The party comes upon several areas with corpses that have been decimated by an unarmed humanoid. Next is a room filled with massive dire ducks and a crystal egg, whileGrimr keeps the ducks occupied Kethaveltril Aleanlylth sneaks behind them and takes a shot at the ducks he misses and they surround him. Grimr slays 2 and Thalon (Rah) Baeqlylth grabs the egg and is instantly transformed into a dire duck. Naelurec uses his dispell magic ring and breaks the curse revealing the two women killed by the Duskblade. They also come upon a group of fellow adventurers {albeit 2’ tall mice} from the hidden city of Pondfox Hollow lead by Grimme {The Axe in the Shadows} and his retinue {all that remained of his original 15} the remaining fighters are Synnove {The Star in daytime}, Tobrytan {The Mainspring}, Wilda {Two Daggers}, Alden {The Arrow That Seeks Truth}, Elne {The Balanced Blade} and Halig {The One Who Kills Cats}. During the battle in the Aery ,Halig is slain by one of the modified hawks his brother Elne is deeply upset by his death Synnove uses her magic to kill one hawk and Grimme kills another but they fail to kill the third, which is then killed by the party the mice retrieve the seed pouch they were tasked to find ensuring their people will not starve. The 2 groups part ways but seem to have become allies of sorts with each other, beyond the room they encounter Adaghar of the Tormented Soul it is he who has been slaying everything in his path during his search he sends 2 creatures to slay the mice, they try to stop them but both creatures though wounded still escape. He is outraged at the group and challenges them {well Grimr really} He defeats them all handily and then leaves. In the last room they check a group of gnolls attack from secret doors a Slave Taker , 4 warriors and a mad cleric of Yeenoghu , it is a fierce battle and many of the group are nearly killed but in the end they prevail but around the campfire that night as they rest and tend the wounded they wonder about who are the Order and why do they care about these mice at all?

The Song of the Harpy
After resting they search the room and discover another room hidden behind a secret door when they touch the bookcase all of the furniture in the room becomes animated and begins attacking until Kethaveltril Aleanlylth grabs the floating palantir breaking the enchantment. Beyond that room is a vault room guarded by 6 cockatrices. 1 member is petrified but the rest manage to defeat the beasts. the party then backtracks to the intersection and goes down the hall with mother of pearl. It leads to a great cathedral occupied by a strange tall woman who turns out to be a Night hag and her broodswarm she attacks Grimr but before she can make off with her meal he is freed and the hag flees with what is left of her evil brood. The room beyond the cathedral is filled with the mostly eaten corpses of what is presumably the night hags less fortunate victims. Also in the room are Ghasts and Ghouls as the battle ensues the group is using sunrods to keep the undead at bay that are hiding among the corpses when one by one they succumb to a song from beyond the steel grates that ring the room. The party barely escapes the room and the immediately bar the door so the undead cannot get out, onward they go finding more rooms filled with statues of hideous demons that Adriane swears are alive they finally face off against the source of the music A Harpy and her undead retinue, protected by 4 ghasts 6 ghouls and 10 undead hobgoblins the party smartly focuses on the main threat THE HARPY once dealt with Yndara Xaphan makes quick work of the undead with improved turning. The night is filled with riches as they plunder the vault deeply . They finally find stairs down but opt to check another of the halls this one lined with living wood, at the doorway at the end of the hall they see another of the statues with the hooked gloves once again the blue mist arrives and animates the dead encased in the statue it attacks and Adriane unleashes her most potent bolt from the necklace obliterating the wall {but missing the statue perhaps her aim was thrown off by fear} the groups other attacks are far less effective until a lucky shot from Naelurec sends a stream of blue bile that leaves the mouth of the statue and goes up through the cracks in the ceiling. They lock themselves in a larder and rest just before sleeping for the night Grimr makes a discovery in the book he found that will change the course of events in the near future………………….{perhaps}
The Black Sun

Deeper into the mines they go always wary of the creature beneath the floors that can attack without warning and drain the blood from your body in little time. After surviving 2 attacks from below they come upon the creatures lair it is massive and the few tentacles they have encountered are the smallest fraction of it’s true size . They manage to steal the 3 chests from the lair without attracting the beasts attention and they retreat down the bad smelling corridor where they find the cause of the smell the liquified remains of a humanoid one of the many victims of the creature deep in the bowels of the mines they also discover that the miners and the creature used to co-exist quite well, the miners would leave it a substance referenced as liquid steel or metal they are not sure of the exact translation and in return the creature would leave them be. The Brotherhood needed the mine to stop it’s production of Mica, they were to use any means to disrupt the mine they tried many things before settling on using the beast in the deep of the mine to unwittingly do their bidding. The group found a recipe for something that they used to upset the creature and cause it to attack the miners, they were obviously more successful than they hoped for. Also discovered was a lift, our heroes take the lift up to the next floor 100ft straight up, at the top they discover a 4 way intersection the North corridor was inlaid with mother of pearl the South was inlaid with cold wrought iron the East was inlaid with living wood vein and the West had darkweave. They decide to go South to a large cold wrought iron door, in the room beyond was a 7foot statue of a large human with spikes and a viciously hooked gloves, after leaving the room and heading down the next hall they hear metal on stone from ahead and behind them they see red menacing eyes and sparks but it was all just an illusion used to make casters reveal themselves the party does not fall for the trick. The next room is defended by ash constructs which unlike other types of created beings are fleet of foot and attack when triggered but once again the party is too much for the guards of this place and soon dispatch all 4, after a quick search of the room they make camp for the night.


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