The Nightingale of Queen Elisha

A mechanical Bird in a small gold cage


The Nightingale of Queen Elisha

Created by the great mage Mordenkainen for his Queen. It is a minor artifact, it’s user is granted the following powers

  • Darkness 10’ radius 3x a day {minor power}
  • Detect invisibility 3x a day {minor power}
  • Speak with animals 3x a day {minor power}
  • Immune to charm mass 5x a day {minor power}
  • Cure blindness 5x a day {minor power}
  • Wall of fire 2x a day {major power}
  • Total Restoration 1x a day {prime power}

but as with all great magics it exacts a price from it’s user

  • Lose 1d4 Charisma for 1d4 days with use major power
  • lose 1 point of strength permanently first use only
  • Treasure within 20’ of item reduced in value by 20-80% as item consumes it with use of prime power

The Nightingale of Queen Elisha

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