Ring of Nystul


Minor Powers

  • Wearer immune to magic missiles
  • Bless by touch
  • levitate 3x per day
  • light,greater 7x a week
  • identify 3x per day
  • sheild 3x per day
  • Wizard Lock 7x per week
  • obscurement 1x per day
  • +2 to wearers AC
  • Add 1 point to wearers prime attribute {18 max}

Major Powers

  • Cone of Cold 3x day {as cast by a 15th level mage or 15d6 damage}
  • Fireball 3x per day {as cast by 15th level mage or 15d6 damage}
  • Flesh to Stone 3X per day
  • Lightning 3x per day {as cast by a 15th level mage or 15d6 damage}
  • Disintegrate 3x per day

Minor side effects

  • Gems never increase in value
  • small fires within 20’ of item extinguished by use of a major power
  • immediate 1 time weight gain of 10-60lbs
  • possessors hair turns white permanantly
  • blind for 1d4 rounds after use of Prime power

Major side effects

  • Item has the ability to influence the user if used against it’s alignment
  • Powerless against Beholders
  • User receives 4d6 damage upon use of a prime power to fuel the ring

Prime Powers

  • Creeping Doom 1x a day {mass of biting insects each hit for 1hp then die for a total of 1000hp in damage to target}
  • Finger of Death 1x per day {no save}
  • All Attributes raised to 18, any attribute over 18 is lowered to 18

Prime side effect

  • Whenever a Prime Power is used the temperature within 30’ of item drops from 20-80 degrees for 2-8 hours {effect moves with item and cannot be offset by any means}

Created By Nystul in his Prime it was to be his greatest achievement in the mystic arts. But he was no craftsman and so he contracted it out to one of the greatest artisans of his time Lum the man later to be known as Lum the Mad for his diabolical inventions. upon receiving the ring Nystul began applying the magics to power it. Halfway into the ceremony he noticed the tinge of corruption in it and fearing the ring too unstable to be used solely for the good he intended he sealed it inside a glass box. It is rumored that the box can be opened but to this day no one knows how

Ring of Nystul

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