We're going to need more swords.....LOTS more swords

The Mines of Madness are living up to their name just when they start to get the hang of the area it changes drastically. Teleport traps, areas that look identical, mirrored ceilings and floors, rotating and moving sections on all surfaces and that doesn’t even count the traps hidden in all these areas that Keth is beginning to dread some magical some mundane, some lethal others just brutally setting you up to need healing or crippling you to slow you down for the creatures that roam the halls: The Dementia Spectres , flesh stretched over an iron skeleton with vicious stygian iron hooks, attacks coming in at all angles and at high speed each laced with deadly necrotic energy. Not to be forgotten the group is ambushed by Servants of the Flame right when a trap had just struck so the group is disoriented. The battle starts off with the Servants quickly gaining the upperhand but after a long hard fought battle our heroes look to have things under control. Then a new creature emerges hitting the Servants from the rear , it quickly tears through them and then hammers the party hard enough for them to be not only on the defensive but eager to avoid direct confrontation with this thing that it would seem just wants to pass by. Something about the new creature is familiar , it has a very familiar style and artistry to it. Then it hits them it is the same style of forging as Alphonse “Clank” Stark. This is a new devil war engine forged from the same magics as one of their missing friends. tbc



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