So wait he is NOT a Prince...

The moment the door is opened leading into the next hall it becomes apparent that every step along this path shall be contested. Kethaveltril Aleanlylth and Alphonse “Clank” Stark enter the next hall , Keth accidentally triggers an acid trap although the damage is not great it reveals the source of the acid as the ceiling. Alphonse “Clank” Stark slams his hist against it and they hear an audible crack. Fearing perhaps that a large reservoir of acid is concealed above they retreat back. As the group decides it’s next move Naelurec uses his magic to look into the next room. To everyone’s horror hey falls back after being attacked through his own magic, nearly blinded he calls out a description of the creature but he need not have worried about that for it has tracked the source of the spell. It can be heard rampaging through the hall coming towards them, quickly an ambush is prepared for this thing. Thalon (Rah) Baeqlylth is the only one to score a blow against it and although it is a massive hit the creature is not slowed by it. With an unnatural speed and fury this great iron serpent with a humanoid torso, 8 clawed arms and a spine covered tail attacks lashing out in every direction at once. The great iron beasts power appears to be massive it’s attacks magical and deadly but before it is able to bring a solid hit on anyone Cael places an obliteration arrow square in it’s center mass reducing it to a pile of ash. Beyond the hall is a room filled with tiles, each one representing a different element after some trial and error they solve the riddle of the room and they move on. Beyond that the maze like hallway, just at the stairs going up is a shimmering wall. Magic reveals there are 10 of the Iron archers waiting to fire on any who try for the stairs. Thalon (Rah) Baeqlylth uses a magic shield and Yndara Xaphan uses magic to help protect him as he takes the incoming fire. He and the cleric are only lightly hit and they make it to the top of the stairs. The fifth floor will be more challenging as they have no map of it as they did the fourth. They explore until they come upon a room filled with a new group Known as the Bloodsworn Brotherhood they militant arm of the Brotherhood of the Angry Sun. They slay one of their own and as he bleeds out a massive blood golem is formed. The Brotherhood is far too confident of the Golems abilities for they all leave thinking it will crush the group without trouble. Adriane casts her chromatic orb and decimates the golem. Although more occurred the night was more about finding info and not of battle. The important info earned were as follows, There are multiple ways to remove the mark from Alphonse “Clank” Stark most are too awful to be used without terrible consequence. Adriane has a dreaded for of lycanthrope, by the light of the gibbous moon she becomes a were-pigeon! Most importantly they know a secret about the bloodsworn, they must have there skeleton removed of they will reform as a thing known as a Cynder: an undead infused with fire and energy drain abilities. Finally the mouse that Adriane has had with her all this time is not a mouse at all but an eye of Vervenhive one of the Terrors. Can they press on and reach the well or will they fall on the way as so many others have before them. Only time will tell………but time is not the friend they think it is or have they forgotten the demon that flew ahead of them in search of this very same thing……maybe he is lost but that is doubtful..more than likely he is on his way to the well as they speak and knowing a demon is opposing their moves can only make this bad situation that much worse. As our heroes rest perhaps they can use the insight this Oracle of the Flame gave them to their advantage………….just maybe.



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