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After a nights rest they push on the well will not wait and they are not alone in the quest to find it. However the brotherhood has decided to bring some heavier troops into play, known only as the Crucibles. In the next room the are met by 2 Dancing Blaze and 2 Servants of the Flame there is a single humanoid in the corner standing immobile the only thing they know is every 6 seconds the room temp jumps 30-50 degrees hotter than it was. The battle is hard fought most members are nearly killed, the magus is not as lucky he is struck by 2 spells one changes him to cold type and the second is a massive flamestrike. With the Magus dead, Yndara Xaphan attempts what she can for him while the others discuss what to do with his belongings. As this is occurring Asmodeus appears to the cleric and informs her that the Magus was promised to him as payment by “another” he also states that the Magus and his possessions are His save the grimoire he shall leave that for the party no “strings attached” .As he departs Adriane talks to him and a bargain is struck with business concluded he leaves and true to his word the book is left behind. Adriane looks through the book and finds it quite empty, no spells at all a lifetime of arcane study blotted out in an instant. They rest and heal and continue on replacing one worry The Mark of Nistos which has somehow been removed for a new one a deal with the Lord of the 9th level of hell. The hallways of this place are maze-like and easy to get lost in. With talks with devils and Deities much information is being learned, Fharlanghn is beseeched by Yndara Xaphan and he answers her prayers telling the party of Asmodeus’ involvement and most importantly to them what has become of the magus now known as Gralish the Terror of the Arcane. The last thing they need is what has happened the terrors have gained in power. Through the next hallways they proceed and they happen upon 2 Pus Priests of Zlanesta and from the other hall 20 Cynders they stop both groups but the walls of fire and wind will only keep them at bay for so long while waiting the Cynders perform the ritual of the Choking Ash and transform into an entity the party has seen feast upon the corpses of the fallen to increase it’s own power. The Cleric turns the Ash sending it away for a short time an astonishing feat. With one threat dealt with it is now time to see what the Terror of Plague’s troops can do. Naelurec is the first to learn just what they can do, he is struck with a hideous spell that will transform him into a slime ,Kethaveltril Aleanlylth is struck with a spell that will rip his own arm off and have it attack the party buthe is just able to resist it.Alphonse “Clank” Stark also resits a spell that would kill him utterly, the party does manage to defeat them but it is clear their magic is formidable. As the night drags on they travel corridors knowing that now there are not just Terrors and The Brotherhood to contend with but also Devils and Demons. A new hallway is entered and the sounds of battle are heard from within it 15 servants of the fire are battling something that has already felled 10 of their number giving them a pre-fight strength of 25. A clever use of one of the party’s magic items allows them to move through the wall and avoid the battle altogether. The last one through is Cael and his keen eyes spot a familiar figure decimating the Brotherhood troops it is the newly minted Terror ,their former companion Gralish the Ultimate Magus. The last fight of the night against a creature of the Terror of Seduction, the creature known as Forbidden pleasure turns the party against itself and against the Iron Blaze of the Brotherhood it is fighting. Another hard fought victory and the room it was in contains the spoils of such victory but it is protected by multiple death traps that nearly kill Kethaveltril Aleanlylth utterly but luck and some magical assistance allow him to live another day. Those traps were protecting a hoard of magic items that are doled out to those for whom they do the most good. Rest won’t come easy anymore death has shown too keen an interest in our heroes for their taste and enemies are coming form all sides and in a myriad of forms. Will this new Terror make things impossible for them? What does Asmodeus want from Adriane? Yet another has mentioned the Guardian of the well, how formidable is this thing that the Terrors can not even get near it? Finally can they overcome all of these obstacles and then after all that overcome this Guardian ? Only time will tell these answers perhaps the next floor will give a clue as to what happened to at least one of the groups they know sought the well, will it be the answer they expect?



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