Not to be taken Orally

The Battle against the Ettins is joined and after a good beginning the beasts start really laying people out, just as things look bad they manage to take down all 3. The fight has left the melee specialists with grave injuries and rest is needed but there is no time as they heal the fighters as best they can and push on. It is not long before the next denizens of the dungeon come forward forcibly conjoined mages who unleash hellish blasts of arcane power and down the casters, they are handled but again the group pays dearly for the victory. The Next 2 encounters are far easier as one is simply the torso of a creature and a pair of guards, also discovered is a giant trapped in a pit surrounded by arcane infused liquids that are leaching into it causing massive mutations but the biggest find of the evening was the throne. Grimr sits on the throne and discovers that pain comes in all forms and shapes, sometimes it comes in the form of a sphere introduced into your anal cavity by force and then having it shatter inside you. What was the sphere? what was it’s purpose? what is it doing to Grimr? will he discover what is happening to him before the change is irreversible? and what does all this have to do with the famed Mistress they keep hearing about? Maybe they will shed some light on what is going on and finally close the mine for good or is this just the tip of the proverbial iceburg time will tell but is theirs running out.



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