I've got this :The Next Generation

The floor they have wondered about is just up the stairs in front of them. What in the six kingdoms could have felled a group as formidable as Graylish and his companions. The top of the stairs reveals a nightmarish warzone, gore is everywhere the walls are scarred with both magic and mundane weapons of battle, the very air reeks like a slaughterhouse. Throughout the halls a mad screaming can be heard unbeknownst to our heroes The Fallen are close by. Few in number but still mighty combatants they attack the party heedless of danger or pain. The melee specialists take a tremendous beating and after a long costly battle the last of this new creature from the Brotherhood is slain. The choice is made to push on no rest no spell replenishment just heal and go, find somewhere to hole up and defend before a long protracted rest. Like every level before it this new level has madly twisting corridors and many dead ends. Finally a room opens before them as forseen by Naelurec. Inside the room guarding the hidden alcove from is vision are 2 beings that look but don’t act like The Fallen. As later they will learn these are the Purified Flames converted prisoners subjected to brutal torture to break them and then armor is fused to their bodies. {really wished this did not go the way it did I mean really F… you guys ;) jk } They quickly succumb to the magical firepower the group can bring to bear and after a harrowing Trap removal process they come away with a glass box mystically warded and sealed containing the Ring of Nystul. The camp for the night and in the morning as they prepare to leave there is an ambush by 3 members of the White Hand Assassins Guild. They fail their mission and are unable to kill a single member of the group. Through Kethaveltril Aleanlylth new found abilities they learn of a secret passageway constructed by the Brotherhood to bypass the final 2 levels of the Tower and get into the first level of the Dungeon of the Well. While searching for this path they come across a great battle and the thief attempts to sneak past the combatants and see what is beyond. He finds a treasure and in a moment of roguish weakness he gives in to his inner greed he goes for the treasure and is slain by a flamestrike like Graylish before him. The cost of his folly 1 of the precious True Resurrection scrolls must be used. Onward they go through the twisting maze until a long room filled with 10 creatures that used to be humans but now serve the Terror of Famine. They are the Withered they use horrible spells that age and wither their foes. Although hit by an age spell our party is able to fell them without too much difficulty. The final act of the night worthy of note is the finding of the phylactery of the new demi-lich Graylish it’s destruction and his release from undeath by the second True Resurrection scroll, eliminating the new terror from the equation altogether. How will Nistos take this last event? Will he hunt down the Cleric or the entire Group? What will happen now that they are in the Dungeon itself? What aside from the ghosts they saw dwells here? What is Asmodeus involvement in all of this? Who are these Rays of the True Sun? What will they do when they find the box is missing? Progress has been made and for once although the enemy is strong they have weakened their opposition significantly with the removal of a Terror. Tonight they have achieved something ……heroic.


An excellent game as always! good job Dani and Dee for owning the Purified Flames in one attack. Big moment of the night Dee saving Graylish from being a terror! It will be a looooong wait till next time but can’t wait to get back to this!

I've got this :The Next Generation

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