It takes more than one little arrow to kill Rainboramir

It starts in the hallway

The floor is covered with a thick layer of soot, the party is nervous and Kethaveltril Aleanlylth summons a ectoplasmic hound to scout ahead. As the poor beast enters the hallway completely it is seized in the coils of a snake constructed of ash and soot the battle starts off poorly with Thalon (Rah) Baeqlylth getting grabbed in it’s coils but between the casters and the other melee and ranged members they free him and slay the beast. It leaves behind some strange black gemstones with runes on them as they are deciding what to do with them they are ambushed by 10 members of the Dancing Blaze acrobats and thieves in service to the brotherhood they use speed to strike hard and fast so combat doesn’t last long. As soon as the battle tempo slows down they use a massive attack called cyclone of fire it require precision from all members but they pull it off, the blast nearly kills Thalon (Rah) Baeqlylth and Naelurec but the necklace saves them although the latter’s foot is reduced to ash. At this point their companion unleashes a potent spell that dissolves all 10 of the enemy. With the battle over they notice the gems remain Naelurec tries to identify the items Kethaveltril Aleanlylth found marked by the fake mouse prince in everyones packs and is visited by Vervenhive the Terror of the Mind. It seems this Terror does not like interlopers and breaks his finger off in Naelurec eye, a blackness spreads all through his face neck and eye veins as a result it also causes him to see Horrific things out of the corner of the afflicted eye. When Adriane tries she is also visited and the Terror truly proves he can get beneath her skin by forcing her mouth open and vomiting a great gout of black pus and bile down her throat and then forcing her to swallow. After all of this unpleasentness the party decides it is best to rest and regroup, during the rest Yndara Xaphan uses consecrate on both Naelurec and Adriane the result is a grusome display of Vervenhives evil as twisted parodies of the two claw from their bodies the sorcerer has his claw from his eye socket while the witch is not so lucky it must claw its way out from a more tender region. The Parodies vanish after they are expelled and the party is once again on its way, using his clairvoyance Naelurec looks on ahead and sees many enemies ahead but the path is up the stairs and they choose not to challenge the large group guarding whatever it is in the room beyond. The trip up the stairs is uneventful until they reach the top there stands 2 smouldering cynders ,Thalon (Rah) Baeqlylth engages them with Kethaveltril Aleanlylth and Cael while they are fighting Alphonse “Clank” Stark sees 4 Servants of the Flame coming from the bottom of the stairs. Fighting for their lives both at the top of the stairs and below the battle rages , one of the servants is sent to get reinforcements and they miss their chance to stop him. With no other options Kethaveltril Aleanlylth again uses this strange new ability where he sends forth a dog formed of pure will to pursue the proverbial “one that got away”. The party is able to defeat their foes but at great cost injured and exhausted they push upstairs to try and find a safe haven to rest and replenish magic. Cael is guarding the bottom of the stairs while the door is checked when a creature they have heard called Choking Ash appears it is consuming not only the bodies of the fallen but rending the souls as well and for each one it consumes it adds to itself. A quick windwall spell keeps it at bay but instead of mindlessly bashing against the unseen wall it quickly goes back down the stairs as though searching for a new way up. The first room they come upon appears to be where they store gear taken from the many who have tried to delve the depths of the Tower on the way to the Well. Within the bags they find some helpful magic items, after a long rest they warily continue the long journey up the tower again it falls to Naelurec to use his clairvoyance to see the path ahead but this time the enemy is aware of his abilities and use false vision. Thinking the path is clear they head toward the room down the hall only to once again be ambushed this time by 5 Encephalon Guard of Vervenhive. It is another tough battle but again our heroes emerge triumphant, however Kethaveltril Aleanlylth discovers that the wedges they were hit with and the one the Magus was hit with were cursed and the Magus is out of time his death is at hand. Not wanting his journey to be interrupted Yndara Xaphan the Cleric of the god of Travel prays for guidance and finally uses a large chunk of her life experience to free them of the curse of early death that shall befall them. The Magus is overjoyed at this sacrifice on his behalf and teaches potent magic to the 2 arcane casters. With the curse now a bitter memory and with much more to do the need to press on forces them to continue deeper into this new level. In the next room there stands a 12 foot tall Molten Core Coal golem, with the casters weakening it the battle is joined much damage is dealt on both sides but the Magus shows why he is known as the Ultimate Magus when he casts Black blade of disaster and disintegrates the golem completely. As this session ends we are left to wonder What will become of the 2 parodies, why bother to make them at all why not kill the 2 and be done with it. What is happening to Keth how could he create the form of a wolf made of ectoplasm that surrounded him and what is that dog? Are there any other brotherhood groups to meet and are they working for the Five Terrors or are the two groups unrelated. Finally if the 2 groups are working together can they hope to stop them and the demon that is also in search of the well. We can only hope our heroes can continue to work together as a group it may be the only way to stop what is coming…………just maybe ;)



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