If there's no fiddle contest how can we win?

The dungeon of the well at last. Finally inside the dungeon that leads to the Well of Frozen Souls, they begin the search for the well in earnest now. It could be anywhere and the first level is filled with strange rooms filled with arcane wonders and a welcoming committee known as The Spectrum. There is very little our heroes know of the cabal of the spectrum mages. They are first introduced to Rafmos Master of the Blue light. He is there briefly but he shows a fraction of his power, not knowing what to make of this new threat they proceed to check out the level. A metal they have never seen the likes of before is in every door they see. Kethaveltril Aleanlylth reads the door and discovers it is mined from another plane of existence by enslaved dwarven miners , beyond the door is a massive room with a central summoning circle. Keth reads the history of the circle and learns of it’s horrible secret, all of the miners were sacrificed to the circle but the purpose behind it is unclear. There are 5 slots in the floor and 5 books around the room, Adriane starts to examine one of the books and it asks her a question. Not used to books asking her things she decides to not mess with the book, the book however will not take no for an answer and it will not be ignored. It becomes animated, this disturbs the entire party , Alphonse “Clank” Stark decides books probably should not do this and he puts a massive iron arrow through it. With the book defeated they continue, the room itself is very odd shaped like a piece of a puzzle. As they look around the room they notice the other 4 books have lost all their pages and worse still an undead dwarf whose skin has been replaced by the pages of one of the books attacks using his pick to nearly cleave Alphonse “Clank” Stark in two. The party attacks and is even more shocked as it nearly kills Cael with a horrific blast of arcane disruption magic from it’s eyes. They manage to defeat the creature which the entire time appeared to be being controlled against it’s will. Onward they press , the next area is even more alarming it is a crystal hallway from which they can see into the next room it is filled with smaller summoning circles. While the majority of the party is dealing with the crystal room Adriane and Alphonse “Clank” Stark stay behind to deal with the book in the former room. The Shadow of a strange figure runs through both rooms and is witnessed by both groups A human body crowned with 6 horns atop it’s head with 5 arms and 5 legs the arms end in just palms no fingers and the legs end in stumps with worms instead of feet. Also in the room is a man clad all in green he is Sytanon Master of the Green Light. He smiles and disappears leaving behind a creation magic that gathers all the moss off the walls to form moss golems the battle is fierce and yet another member is dropped in the combat. With another hard fought victory the party searches and finds a deadly staff of Woodrot, as they push on the next area they are confronted by Reinadra Master of the orange light. Upon her departure she summons 6 small metal and magma men that are quickly dispatched, moments later they reform into a single larger entity. Between Rah and Cael they drop this new threat quickly. Again it reforms into a larger Magma creature that eliminates Cael and Thalon (Rah) Baeqlylth the 2 who destroyed it’s last form, sensing that extreme measures are needed Yndara Xaphan uses one of her domain potions allowing her to utilize the spell of destruction not only killing it but destroying all traces of it. Not surprisingly it does not reform. The biggest events of the night however are the appearance of 2 hulking cyclopes kin from the mysterious Order of the Death Watchers named Rack and Ruin the other the re-appearance of Asmodeus. He is full of information like reminding the party that there are 2 members of the Spectrum that just like light are invisible. He is being so helpful because he wants to make a deal but no matter how hard he tries the group will not jump at the bait. Maybe next time he will make the deal with a golden fiddle involved ……….maybe not. Spectrum has entered the fray and they have come hard right from the start can the party deal with what is to come? Now that we know bonereaver must be destroyed will they be able to carry out the deed without succumbing to its almost irresistible pull? Finally what is Asmodeus game what part does he play in all this, is it mere coincidence that Graylish sent 2 members of a group dedicated to stopping the arch devil every chance they get or does he have a far bigger role in all of this than the party can see. Like always only time will tell…..we can only hope it is not running out for our brave band.


eliminates is too kind of a word, i believe the technical term was prison shower scene.


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