I hear they serve pancakes here

We pick up inside the Tower where the well of frozen souls is supposed to be, is it really here they do not know but everything about this place is wrong nothing is as it should be and if the patrols they witnessed as they snuck in are any indication this place is the most dangerous place they have been. moving about the halls is dangerous enough but what they find just beyond the first rooms takes it to a whole new level, summoning circles but unlike any they have ever seen ancient magic long forgotten but it is decided to see what it summons the one chosen summons a tridrone a living being from the planes of Nirvana a living triangle his caste responsible for building exotic things architecture both wondrous and impossible using methods seen nowhere on this plane but brought into being by several thousand slave workers. It informs our heroes that the other circle summons the members of the warrior caste, the party thanks it and let it go and then they choose to summon the warrior a quadrone warrior about the size of a rubik’s cube. The party is unimpressed to say the least but at least it is enthusiastic bordering on psychotically so. Down the next hall are 2 human guards wielding exotic weapons the likes of which they have not seen before but that is beginning to become an accepted norm in this tower. They dispatch the guards and learn that after they have served their purpose the summoned Modons as they are known are drained and their life essence is installed in a weapon. They continue on and find another summoning room this one with 6 circles they begin smashing them to try and stem the tide of summoned beings being used for any purpose. There are stairs and they find a secret compartment in the floor, in it is a choker and when worn it creates a suit of moon ivy armor another long unused type of magic but at least this one they can benefit from Kethaveltril Aleanlylth decides to wear it and is pleased with the results. The stairs lead to a small room with 4 doors one in each direction the heroes choose west for a dubious reason at best {let’s just blame a fictional Russian mouse} as each door is checked for traps a pair of crystals light up when the door is opened there are guards waiting 5 archers with specialized arrows, some of the arrows ensnare and some disintegrate and as daunting as the situation is it is nothing compared to what is coming down the hall the archers retreat as the new threat appears a massive cylinder known as a Nonaton part of the Modron Hierarchy the royal wizards it uses a strange spell that shatters the walls of the hallway the party is hit hard by the spell and grateful that the walls absorbed the majority of the damage as all the spell casters realize had it hit the room it could have killed them all. One spell and the creature lumbers away leaving the party to the archers, but the party charges the archers removing the real threat of the arrows, in hand to hand they are out of their element and the archers fall quickly. This is just the first taste of what the tower holds as the party breaks to camp they think of all the things that have transpired a crude picture that might look familiar summoned creatures and 2 new natural magics moon ivy and baatorian green steel but what could all this be leading to maybe the answers are closer to the well but for now they study and rest to learn new skills for the coming days……and pray to their gods that that will be enough.



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