Faces on the Milk Carton

Just as things are starting to make sense they change. Change is always an unpredictable mistress and never more so when Asmodeus is involved. In the time it takes me to tell you this The Prince of Lies Collects on his bargain and whisks away Adriane & Alphonse “Clank” Stark. The group is now down 2 members as it heads into an area known as the Mines of Madness. The Mines are designed to trick all the senses. It will make everything more difficult. Even the simplest task will now become a challenge but even that pales to what is waiting in the halls to come. The first indications of trouble come from the undead that inhabit this place, they have been modified with a set of Umber Hulk eyes allowing them to daze and confuse their enemies with a glance. Even with the defeat of the small group of undead and a group of spell casters the fights are tough. How much tougher will they be as they get closer to the well and it’s guardian. What is Asmodeus’ angle in taken the 2 deal makers now, is there a motive behind this or does he really just need the favor. Also what is going on with this new area of the well it is completely different from the other areas. Is this the beginning of the Guardians territory are the Terrors here? What of The Brotherhood? or Spectrum? Will there be a new group? The questions are piling up now but the answers are just a few floors away. Do they dare find out



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