Do you have Warforged in a can?

“Seek the blue path” is turning out to be a little more complex than they would like but at least it is a path. The rooms are oddly shaped to say the least and every room now is contested by either an order of the Spectrum or a circle of some kind not to mention these new things the Paper Dolls. The fights are more violent than ever with potent creatures dealing out massive damage, the difference between life and death is sometimes the blink of an eye. At any moment any of them could be sent to the afterlife.Yndara Xaphan is doing everything she can to keep them whole but the strain is incredible, a terrible burden in your average dungeon delve but here in this dungeon it is magnified to extreme levels. Kethaveltril Aleanlylth is also finding his job increasingly more difficult, checking for traps has become more hazardous than it normally is.

The Spectrum has taken off the kid gloves, the party has responded and have come out on top each time but the night is not just a series of fights. The most important things this night were information, discoveries of a magnitude that leave the party stunned. First they discover a room with sending crystals that are linked to the realm of raw Chaos the creatures that are stored there are tough to say the least but 1 stands above all the others. Known only as the “titan” it seems from what they learn it requires a squad of guards to release the thing and that he is coming for them. Next they meet Alvarax the Defiler a Chaos Blight caster of incredible power . Before the battle can be decided one way or another Alvarax is recalled to help deal with the “titan”. The single biggest info of the night is the bombshell thatthe “master” The Spectrum is working for is Asmodeus. At some point in the future they will turn on the Brotherhood, for what purpose the party can only guess. What is Asmodeus up to? How long has the Spectrum actually been working for him? What is this titan and more importantly how can it be stopped if they meet it? Or is that when…….. perhaps the answer is coming sooner than they think…………




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