Did somebody just say "Flame ON"?

Secret doors and secret chests abound as the party explores further into the upper reaches of the mines. A stairway leads to an odd shaped room there is a body in the far corner and Grimr decides to check out the body …..before the room is checked for traps …..this does not end well at all. The room is rigged top to bottom with traps but unlike all the other traps this one is meant to do one thing KILL, why this area what lies beyond that the traps would change so drastically. After keeping him from dying they examine the body and find an access panel, it is decided that Grimr,Yndara Xaphan & Kethaveltril Aleanlylth will go through the opening they find a maintenance room for the trap and the undead former maintenance team but these zombies have more punch in the form of the unusal ability to paralyze with their touch. They defeat them with a good old fashioned turn undead by Yndara Xaphan they follow through the door and find another maintenance room with more undead this time they will not be turned Grimr attempts to use the glove he found and unleashes what seems to him to be a swarm of butterflies that attack the undead for him and then become armor his party members do not see this however and so the undead are dealt with using old fashioned brute force. They then return to the rest of the party however while they are gone Adriane, Naelurec & Thalon (Rah) Baeqlylth are waiting when a swarm of undead butterflies enters the room how curious, they form into a humanoid shape with a warhammer even more curious and he fights well it is a hard fight but finally they learn the secret to defeat it, fire and then things got really weird Grimr gets an idea to shout a command word the result is he is wrapped in a cocoon and when he emerges he is soooooo pretty and is changed to a fey touched creature. He is so pretty that the first guard they see decides that he would like to know him much more closely than the other party members want to watch , after a little sexy time for Grimr the group encounters a murder of Kenku who inform the party that Grimr just sexed a guy to death like an incubus after a brief fight the Kenku are defeated and the party now must try and figure out what are the properties of the glove it seems to hand out charisma but it recharges itself with life energy. Before that can happen, the group come upon a dying man whose last words are “There are worse things in here than her.” His body is very strange; he is freshly killed, and yet his armor is covered in dust and his sword is rusty. Then the party encounters the reason for his strange appearance: the remnants of a Rust Monster and Disenchanter, fused together to make a horrific and dangerous abomination. Thalon (Rah) Baeqlylth gets an idea, and instructs the party to flee back to the large, trapped room. Kethaveltril Aleanlylth understands his plan, and once inside the room begins to reset the terrible pressure plate traps in the hopes of catching the monster unaware. Thalon, meanwhile, activates his ethereal mount and attracts the creatures attention. Retreating back to the stairs and rejoining the group, Thalon realizes the abomination has disenchanted Naelurec‘s Ring of Dispel Magic and is preparing to leave. Thinking quickly, Yndara fires an arrow into the creature’s rear and angers it. With only five pressure plates reactivated, the party grows fearful with each plate the creature misses. One miss. Two misses. Three misses. Four misses. However, the plan works as the creature steps on the final plate and is killed instantly by the steel arrows that nearly killed Grimr. As they rejoice, they still wonder how much further away the Mistress is, and why is everyone now saying there is worse than the mistress of pain in this dungeon what is going on it would seem the closer they get to the answers they seek the farther away it looks. Maybe they will start getting some answers that make sense……..maybe



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