Blue no no no I said Yew doors believe me right?....Right?

The further in they go the more complex the rooms are each filled with sending circles, summoning circles , and binding circles. The journey continues and several encounters are avoided before an ambush almost fells the whole group. With just Alphonse “Clank” Stark,Kethaveltril Aleanlylth and Thalon (Rah) Baeqlylth are left standing, Keth attempts to dominate the unknown assailants but fails. The failure costs them dearly. They awaken in a strange interrogation room with everyone incapacitated, the interrogator appears to be quite dead and quite controlled by another. Rah manages to free himself and then the rest of the party, they overcome the controlled corpse and escape. A few things jump out at them though, Why were they’re weapons and armor not taken away? Why interrogate them all in the same room? Why take all these prisoners? Yes all the prisoners, the hall is lined with doors and each lead to a prison cell and every one of them is full! Right now they need answers, where are they? How long have they been out? Who is behind this, someone new or a part of a group they have met already? At least they are out, with their freedom they can find the answers. On the way from the prison area they find an old friend Synnove one of the mice of Foxpond Hollow. They also free a member of the Brotherhood of Pure Silver who gives them an amulet to show others of his order as a sign of friendship. He leaves using a stone key a powerful magic item left on him by his captors. As they proceed the run into a powerful group of enemies in red, the leader parley’s with keth who attempts to tell him of some members of the Spectrum’s treachery. As he attempts to share the memory with Red’s leader he is interrupted by Asmodeus. During the talk Keth accidentally lets it slip that the path to the well is marked with the color blue and the red group leaves after a secondary bluff works. Asmodeus is less than helpful and Keth gets annoyed and tweaks the lord of hells nose causing him to send a minion to hurt the party and that is just what the crazed Xerfilstyx does. Dropping Naelurec , before it can hurt anyone else Yndara Xaphan uses dismissal causing it to return to it’s own plane for 24 hours. The party is glad they do not have to face the beast as it’s powers are frightening to even the most stalwart of the group. The beasts ability to remove all of your memories , skills and levels with no difficulty. The final encounters involve the personal guard of Dusk Cinder the Black leader of the Brotherhood of the angry sun. First involves Keth and Cael overhear them talking about a great beast who’s touch is death as well as an argument between the guardsmen. Then they find a group of dead guards, as they are looting the bodies they are attacked by the formidable Dusk guard. It is a hard fought battle but in the end they win. As this session comes to a close our heroes have learned new info been reunited with an old friend and made some new ones they have also moved one floor closer to the well. Do they have what it takes to see this through? How long will their luck hold out before they lose someone? How intent is Asmodeus on punishing them for their impertinence, or is he satisfied with what he did with the Xerfilstyx. Time will tell…but will they all survive to see the end?



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