A Turn of the screw

Although this night has had it’s share of tough fights it is the events in between those fights that are to be the most relevant to our group. Our heroes make 2 decisions this night that will have far reaching consequences. In 2 very separate but equally important instances they encounter a lone individual, one a bound man chained and gagged, tortured surrounded by an anti magic shell. The other a cowering woman armor destroyed dying of wounds and malnutrition in both cases the party rendered aid to the person. In the case of the man once his gag was removed they discover his name is on a list of prisoners they have obtained they know he was a mage of some note in his younger days but now he runs a shop in Tidefast. He Tells them of the 3 questions they want answered. Once again “the Hollow” is brought up , The interest in the Half-mice city is raising questions in the party. The other individual, the one who registered as evil on the spell of detection, There is a long pause before the party decides what to do with her. The consensus of “give her aid” results in her thanking the party and then she hands over what her now defunct unit was carrying, a scroll case which holds gathered intelligence. Multiple scrolls with massive amounts of information about the dungeon like the traps, treasures found and prisoners within, it will take time to go through it all but it will help with what is coming. The biggest problem of the evening was the return of Asmodeus and his dire warning “Leave alone the dark gem” with the promise of utter destruction if they interfere with his plans. Can they trust anything he says. What is his end game? With the well only a few floors above them are they ready for the final test of “The Guardian” Who is on which side of the coming conflict and will they unite to crush the adventurers and then deal with each other? The only thing for certain is that soon they will come Face to Face with the guardian of the well and each of them will be tested, the only unknown will any of them survive it?



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